Cybersmell product specifications


Fragra 6.0 is a product of OrdureWare Digital Olfactorants. ODO products are multiplatform, and will work equally well on Macintosh or IBM systems. However, since smell is one of the most primal senses, Fragra software actually works best on antiquated computer hardware. For optimum results try jacking this program into a 1983 WordStar PC, or your father's Pong set.

Please note that "CyberSmell" technology should not be used in conjunction with any prescription drugs intended to enhance sexual performance, or nonprescription drugs which you do not intend to share with our support staff. "CyberSmell" may be safely used by pregnant women, though not in conjunction with wood, oxygen or radium. ODO and Sixpaco are not responsible for wreckless or unorthodox use of this product.

To continue downloading Fragra 6.0, double click or place your nose