Joe Sixpack's Film Blog -- April, 2005

April, 2005


"Barefoot In The Park" (Paramount, 1967)
A fine 'Sixties love comedy, featuring Jane Fonda and Robert Redford as semi-mismatched newlyweds who move into a rundown coldwater flat in the kooky confines of Greenwich Village. The rigors of living in a crappy apartment bring out unsuspected faultlines in their romance, and reveal deep, underlying differences of personality. Redford plays an hunky young lawyer who, as it turns out, is a bit of a sourpuss -- he has some great slowburn moments -- while Fonda plays a self-styled free spirit who wants to whoop it up and let her hair hang down. Charles Boyer co-stars as their eccentric upstairs neighbor, and things start to cook when Jane tries setting him up with her good-natured widowed mom. In classic old-school Broadway style, playwright Neil Simon has all the characters flip-flop and reverse (or at least modify) their defining character traits, and by the end of the story, no one is the same. This features Fonda at her most luscious and vivacious (if you ever wondered where her sexpot reputation comes from, this film'll clue you in...) and while she's hardly a better actor, she consistently steals the scenes from Redford. It's a fun film, definitely worth chack ing out.


"The Cat Returns" (Buena Vista, 2002/2005)
Hayao Miyazaki... and talking kitty cats? I an so there!! Oh, but wait... Miyazaki didn;t actually direct this Japanimation tale... and it kind of sucks. The plot and pacing are both sub-par, and there is very little of the magic one hopes for in a production that's connected to the Miyazaki brand. Oh, well. Trust me: you can skip this one.


"House Of Flying Daggers" (Sony, 2005)


"La Femme Nikita" (1990)


"Hotel Rwanda" (Lion's Gate, 2004)


"Closer" (2004)

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