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Os Diagonais "Os Diagonais" (CBS-Epic, 1969)
A fun set of Brazilian pop-soul, with a youthful, cheerful vibe. This Rio-based band featured several key players in the burgeoning "Black Rio" soul scene, notably singer-guitarist Hyldon Souza and singer-songwriter Cassiano. In the late '60s, they backed Tim Maia, who was perhaps the most influential of the Brazilian soul singers. This was the band's first full-length album, recorded after they had been together several years and recorded a few singles, and has kind of an Arthur Conley-ish feel... Not quite all-out funky, but close. Personally I find this a lot more enjoyable than their later work in the 1970s (particularly Cassiano's) where the music got pretty overbaked. Here, it's still all fresh and earnest, and not too serious or syrupy. Definitely worth checking out.

Os Diagonais "Os Diagonais (Cada Um Na Sua)" (RCA, 1971)
This was the second and last album by Os Diagonais... Several of the songs on this disc were written by Cassiano, whose own solo career stretched through the 1970s... The album opens with some overly-bright, perky sunshine-pop, straight out of the Southern California/LA playbook; Philly-style soul and a bit of harder funk come into play later. I can't say I actually liked this record that much -- most of the songs seem a bit shrill and hyperactive -- but serious students of Brazilian funk and soul will definitely want to check it out.

Diana - see artist discography

Orlando Dias "Serie Bis" (EMI, 2000)
Florid romantic vocals from the mid-1960s. Unfortunately, these tracks have a smoothness of production and modernity that sap the nostalgia value right out of them... They sound like they were made in the 'Seventies, in preparation for a bad Vegas club act... If the recordings had felt a little rougher or the audio quality sounded more antique, this might have had some retro charm, but as it is, it's just bad, boring, blandly produced schmaltz. A similar set was produced for the Meus Momentos series.

Orlando Dias "20 Super Sucessos" (SBME, 2005)

Orlando Dias "Selecao De Ouro: 20 Sucessos" (EMI, 2007)

Sergio Dias - see solo discography and Os Mutantes discography

Di Melo "Di Melo" (Odeon, 1975)
This mid-'70s groover has ties to the nascent soul & funk scene, but even more in common with the exploratory acoustic fusion of Gilberto Gil around the same time. A missing gem from MPB's post-tropicalia golden age... Definitely worth tracking down!

Branca Di Neve "Branca Mete Bronca!" (Continental, 1987)
I was drawn to this disc because I notice it had several songs from some notably funky Brazilian soul/pop artists such as Jorge Ben, Marku Ribas and Itamar Assumpcao... But this is a pretty soft-centered pop album, with not a lot of bite to it... Nothing much to get excited about, really.

Branca Di Neve "Branca Mete Bonca, v.2" (Continental, 1988)
Bleah. There's just no energy to his vocals, and lots of weak, tepid pop arrangements. What's the deal with this guy? Why did they record him? And why did they reissue his records on CD? I don't get it.

Paulo Diniz - see artist discography

Benito DiPaula - see artist discography

Os Diplomatas No Samba "...Com Paulo Roberto Ao Orgao" (Philips)

Djavan - see artist discography

DJ Patife/Various Artists "DJ Patife Presents Sounds Of Drum'N'Bass" (Trama, 1999)
Better-than-average Brazilian electronica, from the late '90s club scene. Some songs have a distinctive "Brazilian-ness" to them, although for the most part, I'd have to say this seems like the same old same old, as far as electronic dance and techno music goes. Certainly worth checking out, if that style is your bag.

DJ Patife "Na Estrada" (Trama, 2006)

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