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Mauro Duarte & Cristina Buarque "Cristina & Mauro Duarte" (Coomusa, 1985) (LP)
A collaboration between sambista Mauro Duarte and samba revivalist Cristina Buarque... A Portela member, Duarte was a member of Os Cinco Crioulos and composed several hit songs, notably "Portela Na Avenida," which was recorded by Clara Nunes. But other than this disc and the fabled Cinco Crioulos records of the '60s, I'm not sure if he recorded any other albums. Anyone know for sure?

Jane Duboc - see artist discography

Duda "Vai Comecar O Baile" (Continental, 1958) (LP)
One of the vast legion of nightclub performers in 1950's Brazil, pianist Aldovrando de Castro went by the nickname Duda, leading a small ensemble through a very relaxed, very lounge-y set, covering various North American, Latin American and Brazilian standards. Nothing terribly remarkable, to be honest, just a competent piano-guitar-sax-accordion combo going through the moves in a standard-issue, mainly instrumental dinner music repertoire. This particular album features a few '50s-style rock tunes which, like the other stuff, doesn't have much of a distinctively "Brazilian" sound woven in (ie, no samba to speak of...) Perhaps noteworthy: the inner label identifies the guitarist as someone named "Kon-Tiki," doubtless a pseudonym for some better-known picker, but I have no idea yet who it might have been. Hardcore lounge fans might dig this record, but most folks can pretty safely skip it.

Duda "Hit Parade" (Continental, 1958) (LP)

Abel Duere "Criolinha: Musicien Africain" (RCA, 1988) (LP)
A very interesting album, which took the Africanized pop of the reggae-tinged "fricote" style of Sao Salvador to its ultimate conclusion, recording actual African pop, with African musicians, while alternating between Portuguese and African lyrics... (Sorry, I don't know what languages are involved...) Duere himself was of Angolan-Portuguese descent, born in Africa but raised in Brazil, and brings an obvious authenticity to this stylistic crossover. The sound is pretty glossy, sort of a meeting point between the slick production style of the Parisian Afro-Pop school and the slick production style of '80s Brazilian MPB. For the most part, I don't it in musical terms, but conceptually it's pretty amazing. Not sure who the backing musicians, Banda Afra Sound Stars, really were -- they may have been Brazilian ringers, or African immigrants -- but their sound seems pretty authentic.

Abel Duere "Ombaka" (Quantitum/Afrik Music, 2007)

Dulce (Nunes) - see artist discography

Zelia Duncan - see artist discography

Duofel "As Cores Do Brasil" (Velas, 1990)

Duofel "Duofel" (Camerati, 1993)

Duofel & Badal Roy "Espelho Das Aguas: Ao Vivo" (Velas, 1994)
Indian percussionist Badal Roy joins guitarists Fernando Melo and Luiz Bueno (aka Duofel) for an interesting live acoustic set, exploratory "new acoustic" work that brings Leo Kottke, et al to mind. It's not overtly "Brazilian," but it is quite nice for the style. Roy's tabla work mainly seems to follow the drifting of the guitars, rather than the other way around, so I'm not sure how effective this is as a cross-cultural fusion... Still, if you like modern acoustic music with plenty of propulsive drive, this may really rock your world.

Duofel "Kids Of Brazil" (Velas, 1996)

Duofel "Atenciosamente" (Trama, 1999)

Duofel "20: Ao Vivo Teatro Municipal De Sao Paulo" (Trama, 2000)

Duofel "Frente & Verso - Ao Vivo" (MCD, 2004)

Duofel "Precioso" (Fine Music, 2006)

Duofel "Experimenta" (Camerati, 2007)

Duo Retrato Brasileiro "Espia So: As Musicas De Octavio Dutra" (Revivendo, 2005)

Rogerio Duprat - see artist discography

Dolores Duran - see artist discography

Eduardo Dusek "Olhar Brasileiro" (Philips, 1980)
Dusek's first album -- a kooky, rather unusual MPB outing, with fast, extravagant, flamboyant arrangements, very much in the tradition of Broadway-based musical theatre and some of the wilder cabaret acts. It's off the beaten path, but still quite interesting, compelling even. Worth checking out, particularly if you're up for something different than the run-of-the-mill, super-classy pop that was the Brazilian norm in the late '70s and early '80s. Might be a bit too manic for some, but I found it compelling, with signs of life and renewed playfulness that are nice to hear.

Eduardo Dusek "Cantando No Banheiro" (Polydor, 1983) (LP)

Eduardo Dusek "Brega-Chique" (Polydor, 1984)

Eduardo Dusek "Na Sua" (Polydor, 1986) (LP)

Eduardo Dusek "Minha Historia" (Polygram, 1990)

Eduardo Dusek "Millennium" (Universal, 1999)

Eduardo Dusek "A Arte De..." (Universal, 2006)

Eduardo Dusek "...E Show" (2011)
A live show with guest appearances by Preta Gil and Ney Matogrosso...

Altemar Dutra - see artist discography

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