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Aparecida portrait Aparecida was a powerful roots-samba singer and songwriter deeply devoted to the Afro-Brazilian candomble religion, with numerous songs devoted to orixas (deities) such as Oxum and Olorun... The music is pure 1970s-era samba raiz, with rock-solid musical accompaniment and Aparecida's soulful though rough-edged vocals. It's great stuff, though these days a little hard to find. Here's a quick look at her work...


Aparecida "O Samba De Aparecida" (CID, 2000)
A best-of set of roots-samba singer Aparecida, a gal with a husky, dusty voice and lots of great musicians backing her up... The basic sound is tight, slinky percussion punctuated by the keening samba choruses of the "samba raiz" scene... Some songs are groovier and more distinctive than others (although the whole album is top-notch) and I suppose further exploration is required: gotta find those magical albums! In the meantime, this collection is highly recommended, though perhaps not for everyone.

Aparecida "Aparecida" (CID, 1975)

Aparecida "Foram 17 Anos" (Sonodisc, 1977) (LP)

Aparecida "Os Deuses Afros" (CID, 1978)

Aparecida "Cantigas De Fe" (RCA Victor, 1978)

Aparecida "13 De Maio" (RCA Victor, 1979)

Aparecida "Rosa Do Mar" (CID, 1983)


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