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Badi Assad portrait Guitarist Badi Assad is a bossa nova modernist who made major inroads into the North American "smooth jazz" scene. I haven't really checked her stuff out, but here are all the albums I've been able to track down so far... Her father, guitarist Odair Assad, is a member of the highly regarded Duo Assad. Here's a quick look at her work...


Badi Assad "Solo" (Chesky, 1994)

Badi Assad "Chameleon" (Chesky, 1995)

Badi Assad "Rhythms" (Chesky, 1995)

Badi Assad "Echoes Of Brazil" (Chesky, 1997)

Badi Assad "Chameleon" (Polygram, 1998)

Badi Assad & Jeff Young "Nowhere" (2002)

Badi Assad "Danca Das Ondas" (Gha, 2004)

Badi Assad/John Abercrombie/Larry Coryell "Three Guitars" (Chesky, 2003)

Badi Assad/John Abercrombie/Larry Coryell "Three Guitars: The Paris Concert" (DVD) (Inakustic, 2005)

Badi Assad "Verde" (Universal, 2005)

Badi Assad "Wonderland" (Deutsche Grammophon, 2006)


Badi Assad "The Best Of Badi: The Badi Assad Collection" (Chesky, 2006)


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