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Banda Beijo portrait Axe group Banda Beijo grew out of the Bloco Beijo samba crew, becoming a professional band and recording its first album in the late 1980s... Banda Beijo started the careers of two major solo artists: bloco member Netinho was in the group from 1988-92, until he broke off and became a solo star... The vacuum left by Netinho was filled in 1998 by the female lead singer known as Gil, who likewise left the band (in 2001) for her own solo career. Each time, the group was greatly set back; the most recent lineup featured a new vocalist, Levi Alvim... and the clock is ticking. Here's a quick look at Banda Beijo's work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Banda Beijo "Personalidade" (Polygram)

Banda Beijo "Serie Sem Limite" (Universal, 2002)

Banda Beijo "Serie Millennium" (Universal, 2007)

Banda Beijo "Axe Bahia" (Universal, 2006)

Discography _ Discography

Banda Beijo "Prove Beijo" (Independente, 1988)

Banda Beijo "Sem Repressao" (Independente, 1989) (LP)

Banda Beijo "Beijo" (Independente, 1990)

Banda Beijo "Badameiro" (Polydor, 1991) (LP)

Banda Beijo "Axe Music" (Polydor, 1992)

Banda Beijo "Banda Beijo Ao Vivo" (Globo/Columbia, 1998)
(Produced by Ricadro Cavalcanti)

A frantic live album with the newly-hired singer Gil whipping the audience into a frenzy. The music is horrible -- about as subtle as a rhinoceros fart -- but the excitement in the crowd is palpable as the legions of teenage girls sing along with great fervor, and it's also clear that Gil is a capable and even inspiring performer, nailing her vocals even at the manic, amped-up tempo, while calling to mind Brazilian divas such as Gal Costa or Beth Carvalho. I suppose this is the Brazilian equivalent of a Miley Cyrus or Shakira concert -- prefab, but super-popular. Netinho throws his old friends a bone and appears as a guest performer for a couple of songs towards the end, but it's clear that Gil (...and her prominently displayed, athletic midriff) is the real star of the show. Daniela Mercury, look out!

Banda Beijo "Meu Nome E Gil" (Universal, 1999)

Banda Beijo "Apaixonada" (Universal, 2000)

Banda Beijo "Procurando Beijo" (2009)


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