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Banda Eva portrait Banda Eva is a popular Brazilian band from the 1990's axe scene with deep roots in the Bahian Carnaval tradition. Originally a bloco de carnaval founded in the early '80s, the group transformed into a pop band, one that nurtured the careers of several solo stars, notably Luiz Caldas, Daniela Mercury and Ivete Sangalo, along with several others. Here's a quick look at the band's work...


Banda Eva "Banda Eva" (Sony-Columbia, 1993)

Banda Eva "Pra Abalar" (Polygram, 1994)

Banda Eva "Hora H" (Polygram, 1995)

Banda Eva "Beleza Rara" (Polygram, 1996)

Banda Eva "Ao Vivo" (Polygram, 1997)

Banda Eva "Voce E Eu" (Universal, 1998)

Banda Eva "Ao Vivo 2" (Globo, 1999)

Banda Eva "Experimenta" (Universal-Mercury, 2000)
(Produced by Guto Graca Mello)

Too-slick, generic pop, with obligatory Afro-Brazilian touches that do little to lift the music up from a morass of wanky, note-heavy electric guitars and overly-processed production. By this point, Ivete Sangolo had departed the group to be replaced by a new singer, named Emmanuelle, who is about as bland and unmagical as you'd expect. This is functional pop-radio fodder, but little else. You can skip it.

Banda Eva "E Do Eva" (Universal, 2004)

Banda Eva "25 Anos" (Universal, 2005)

Banda Eva "Autentico" (2007)

Banda Eva "Serie Millennium" (Universal, 1999)

Banda Eva "Beleza Rara: O Melhor De Banda Eva" (Universal, 2007)

Banda Eva "Axe Bahia" (Universal, 2006)


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