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Banda Mel portrait Banda Mel was a spunky, though generic, uptempo Bahian pop-samba ensemble which -- like many other axe bands -- originally grew out of a Carnaval bloco group. Apparently at some point they changed their name to Bamdamel (or Bamda Mel), for some reason. They've also recorded a buttload of albums, many of which are listed below.

Discography - Albums

Banda Mel "Forca Interior" (Warner-Continental, 1987)

Banda Mel "E La Vou Eu" (Warner-Continental, 1988)

Banda Mel "Mel Do Brasil" (Warner-Continental, 1989)

Banda Mel "Prefixo De Verao" (Warner-Continental, 1990)

Banda Mel "Negra" (Warner-Continental, 1991)

Banda Mel "Banda Mel" (Warner-Continental, 1992)

Banda Mel "Mae Preta" (Warner-Continental, 1992)
(Produced by Andres Simoes & Jailton Dantas)

Banda Mel "O Pulo Da Gata" (Warner-Continental, 1994)

Bamda Mel "Todo Mundo Danca" (Warner-Continental, 1995)

Bamdamel "Alegria" (Warner-Continental, 1996)

Bamdamel "Jeitinho De Dancar" (Warner-Continental, 1997)

Bamdamel "Ao Vivo I" (Sony, 1998)

Bamdamel "Ao Vivo II" (Sony, 1999)

Bamdamel "Pra Te Balancar" (Alpha, 2000)

Bamdamel "Ao Vivo III: Nossa Historia" (2002)

Bamdamel "Best Of Bamdamel" (2005)

Bamdamel "Ao Vivo IV: Made In Brazil" (2006)


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