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Caju & Castanha "As Melhores De Caju & Castanha" (EMI/Copacabana, 2005)
An interesting set from this long-lived duo hailing from Pernambuco, in the Northeast... The sound is quite stripped down, just plain vocals and percussion on most tracks, with a simplicity and pureness that makes it quite striking. At first I thought it sounded like Bahian samba de roda, but then I realized the vocals were quite different -- whereas the samba de roda singers tend to chant rhythmically and repetitively, the cajueiros seem to be constantly improvising and dance around the rhythm, building little micro-melodies. A few tracks include a forro-style accordion. Anyway, this is kinda different-sounding, and kind of addictive. The liner notes on this particular collection are a bit vague, but I think this disc includes recordings with Ricardo Alves da Silva, who was the original "Caju," later to be replaced by another, younger singer.

Caju & Castanha "O Melhor De Caju & Castanha, v.2" (Trama, 2000)

Caju & Castanha "Vindo Na Da Lagoa" (Trama, 2001)

Caju & Castanha "Professor De Embolada" (Trama, 2001)

Caju & Castanha "Andando Coletivo" (Trama, 2002)

Caju & Castanha "Recado A Sao Paulo" (Trama, 2004)

Caju & Castanha "Embolando No Futebol" (Trama, 2005)

Caju & Castanha "Levante A Taca" (Trama, 2007)

Caju & Castanha "Ao Vivo No Centro De Tradicoes Nordestinas De Sao Paulo" (2007)


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