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Tony Campello portrait Brazilian teen idol and record producer Tony Campello was the older brother of teen idol Celly Campello. He started his career singing rock and pop on a radio show with his sister, and later retired from performing to take up a career as a record producer, working with several of Odeon's more promising jovem guarda artists (such as Desi & Dino, Os Incriveis and Sergio Reis). Here's a quick look at his work as a recording artist.


Tony Campello "Tony Campello" (Odeon, 1959)

Tony Campello "Baby Rock" (Odeon, 1960)
Easygoing teenybopper rock -- early Brazilian ie-ie-ie jovem guarda pop -- with a few mildly vigorous tunes and several slower songs that seem closer in spirit to mainstream pop vocals. I guess you could characterize Campello as a Brazilian Pat Boone, though given the dearth of South American rock stars at the time, he's a little higher up the rock'n'roll foodchain than Boone was, back in the United States. This won't blow your mind, but it's better than a lot of the soft-pop JG stuff that would come later... Worth checking out.

Tony Campello "Tony Campello" (Odeon, 1961)

Tony Campello "Nao Te Esquecas De Mim" (Odeon, 1963)

Tony Campello "Tony Italiano" (Odeon, 1964)

Tony Campello "Serie Bis" (EMI, 2000)
A 2-CD collection.


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