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Ana Caram portrait Ana Caram is sort of a bossa nova/smooth jazz modernist... I haven't really checked out her work, but here's a quick look at her albums...


Ana Caram "Rio After Dark" (Chesky, 1990)

Ana Caram "Amazonia" (Chesky, 1991)

Ana Caram "The Other Side Of Jobim" (Chesky, 1992)

Ana Caram "Maracana" (Chesky, 1993)

"Bossa Nova" (Chesky, 1995)

Ana Caram "Postcards From Rio" (Chesky, 1998)

Ana Caram "Sunflower Time" (Universal-Japan)

Ana Caram "Blue Bossa" (Chesky, 2001)

Ana Caram "Hollywood Rio" (Chesky, 2004)

Ana Caram "Pura Luz"
A religiously-themed album...


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