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Ronaldo Leite de Freitas portrait Guitar player Ronaldo Leite de Freitas, aka "Carioca" cut his teeth playing rock music, but later turned towards more avant garde and jazz-oriented music, also exploring Brazilian regional styles and incorporating these influences into his music. He might appeal to fans of erudite Brazilian jazz musicians such as Egberto Gismonti and Nana Vasconcelos, as well as choppsier non-Brazilian guitarists like Stevie Vai or John McLaughlin. Here's a quick look at his work...


Carioca "Misterios Da Amazonia" (1980)
The first solo album by guitarist Ronaldo Leite de Freitas (aka "Carioca" or Carioca Freitas), a '70s rocker who shifted his focus towards acoustic guitar and more folkloric and acoustic jazz material...

Carioca "Luar Do Sertao" (LP)

Carioca & Convidados "Ciranda" (Lira Paulistana, 1983)
The flutes, woodwinds and chamber-ensemble strings give this a flowery, classical feel, but De Freitas also gets off some blistering, jazzy riffs that wou'd make John McLaughlin proud, as well as some samba/bossa meditations straight out of the Baden Powell playbook. Among the "convidados" playmates are bassist Rodolfo Stroeter and Bebeto (of Tamba Trio fame?) on flute. Some of this is too modernist for me, in an avant-classical mode, and also not as "Brazilian" as some might like, but there is a wide stylistic breadth, so there's more tan one layer to explore this on. Worth checking out if you're into an "erudite" exploration of world folk...

Carioca "7 Dias 7 Instrumentos Musicais" (Carmo, 1984) (LP)
A challenging album, difficult listening, really. Carioca explores several unusual instruments, such as the 8- and 10-string guitars, the 3-string bandolim, and a couple of models of the citara nordestina, an instrument he plays on many of his other albums. Personally, I find this too artsy and cerebral, but folks who are into experimental guitar work might want to check it out.

Carioca "CaRIOca"

Carioca "Danca De Caboclo"

Carioca "Beija Flor" (1994)

Carioca "In Circle" (2007)

Carioca "Meeting In The Forest"

Carioca "Dancas Brasileiras" (Tratore, 2009)


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