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Luiz Claudio portrait Crooner Luiz Claudio started his career as a teenager during the "radio singers" era of the late 1940s/early '50s and managed to straddle the bossa nova and jovem guarda fads of the '60s. In his later albums he explored regional themes, woving in musical elements from his homeland in Minas Gerais. Here's a quick look at his career...


Luiz Claudio "Encontro Com Luiz Claudio" (Columbia, 1956)

Luiz Claudio "Bem Juntinhos" (Columbia, 1959)

Luiz Claudio "Luiz Claudio" (RCA, 1960)

Luiz Claudio "O Romantico" (RCA, 1961)

Luiz Claudio "Entre Nos" (Musidisc, 1966)

Luiz Claudio "Intimidade" (EMI-Odeon, 1968) (LP)
(Produced by Lyrio Panicali; arrangements by Antonio Adolfo)

A pleasant third-tier bossa-samba cancao vocals set from singer-guitarist Luiz Claudio, a veteran of the 1950s "radio singer" era, when he sang with the vocal group Trovadores Do Luar. This features solid yet sprightly arrangements courtesy of MPB-jazz pianist Antonio Adolfo, as well as by Francs Hime and Paulo Moura. Not earth-shaking or epochal, but sweet stuff nonetheless. Includes a guest appearance from the Quinteto Villa-Lobos, backing Claudio on a couple of tracks.

Luiz Claudio "Cantigas" (EMI-Odeon, 1973) (LP)
(Produced by Milton Miranda & Lindolfo Gaya)

A slightly gooey later album in which Claudio lets go of his bossa nova leanings in favor of a softer ballad style more in line with Johnny Alf or Milton Nascimento; he also delves into the regional music of Minas Gerais, covering several songs from the area, along with a few northern-tinged songs from national composers such as Vinicius De Moraes and Tom Jobim. I thought this was kinda snoozy, but fans of the Odeon label's "blue" sound might like it... The opening track, "Amo-Te Muito," features the female MPB singer Luiza, who provides a sweet harmony vocal.

Luiz Claudio "Reportagem" (EMI-Odeon, 1975) (LP)

Luiz Claudio "Viola De Bolso" (EMI-Odeon, 1979) (LP)

Luiz Claudio "Minas Sempre-Viva (EMI-Odeon, 1982)


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