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Demetrius portrait Another rocker from Sao Paulo, Demetrius (nee Demetrio Zahra Neto) was one of several Bobby Sherman-esque singers in the jovem guarda teen scene. Here's a quick look at his work...


Demetrius "Demetrius Canta... Com Amor E Mocidade" (Continental, 1961)

Demetrius "Idolo Da Juventude" (Continental, 1962)

Demetrius "Demetrius" (Continental, 1963)

Demetrius "O Ritmo Da Chuva" (Continental, 1964)

Demetrius "O Idolo Que Volta" (Continental, 1967)

Demetrius "Viver Por Viver" (Continental, 1968)

Demetrius "Encontro" (RCA Victor, 1973)

Demetrius "Grandes Sucessos" (BMG, 2000)


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