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Sergio Ricardo portrait Although singer Agostinho Dos Santos (1932-1973) was a crooner of the old-guard "radio singers" era, specializing in boleros and slower romantic songs, his name will always be linked to the revolutionary moment when bossa nova music overtook Brazilian popular culture... Or rather, when the bossa revolution swept the rest of the world, through the Black Orpheus soundtrack, which Dos Santos performed on. Here's a quick look at Dos Santos and his career...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Agostinho Dos Santos "Grandes Vozes" (Som Livre, 2007)
A strong set of early work -- probably the best CD to aim for if you want to check this guy out!

Agostinho Dos Santos "Convite Para Ouvir" (Parrot, 1992)
Slow-paced ballads from a crooner who was best known for his work on the film Black Orpheus. This disc includes his versions of "A Felicidade," and "Manha De Carnaval," which were originally from the film. For the most part, this collection is full of slower, super-syrupy romantic material, Brazilian boleros, practically... It's okay, but probably not for everyone; similar in tone to Jair Rodrigues's schmaltzier material.

Agostinho Dos Santos "Agostinho Dos Santos" (InterCD, 2000)
Although this cheaply packaged reissue starts off with a drab, later recording, the remainder of the record seems to be earlier material, from the late 1960s (judging from the inclusion of early Chico Buarque tunes, etc. ) and was apparently recorded, at least in part, in Portugal, where Dos Santos spent part of his career. Again, it's fairly underwhelming material, probably of limited interest to the average Brazilian music aficiando. It's skippable.

Agostinho Dos Santos "Perolas" (Som Livre, 2000)

Discography - Albums

Agostinho Dos Santos "Uma Voz E Seus Sucessos" (Polydor, 1957)

Agostinho Dos Santos "Antonio Carlos Jobim E Fernando Cesar... Na Voz De Agostinho Dos Santos" (Polydor, 1958)

Agostinho Dos Santos "Espetacular" (RGE, 1958)

Agostinho Dos Santos "O Inimitavel Agostinho" (RGE, 1959)

Agostinho Dos Santos "Agostinho, Sempre Agostinho" (RGE, 1960)

Agostinho Dos Santos "...Canta Sucessos" (RGE, 1961)

Agostinho Dos Santos "A Presenca De..." (RGE, 1962)

Agostinho Dos Santos "Os Grandes Sucessos" (RGE, 1962)

Agostinho Dos Santos "Vanguarda" (RGE, 1963)

Agostinho Dos Santos "Agostinho Dos Santos" (Elenco, 1966)

Agostinho Dos Santos "Musica Nossa" (Ritmos, 1967)

Agostinho Dos Santos "Agostinho Dos Santos" (London, 1970)

Agostinho Dos Santos "Agostinho Dos Santos" (Continental, 1973)


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