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Dolores Duran portrait Dolores Duran (1930-1959) was considered one of the greatest singers of her generation, while still a teenager, Duran emerged as a major star of the "radio singers" era of the 1940s and '50s. She performed on radio and headlined nightclubs, was a noted interpreter of new songs and worked with some of the best performers of the era, including pianist Joao Donato. Duran was plagued by poor health throughout her life, as well as by substance abuse problems which contributed to her poor health and to the heart attack which killed her in 1959. Duran recorded only four albums, along with a trove of 78s which have been gathered in various formats over the years. Here's a quick look at her work...


Dolores Duran "Dolores Duran Viaja" (Copacabana, 1955)

Dolores Duran "Canta Para Voce Dancar, v.1" (Copacabana, 1957)
A nice album recorded just at the cusp of the bossa nova revolution. At the time, Duran was a pre-bossa pop singer, dishing out softened renditions of samba cancao, along with covers of North American teen pop ballads such as "Only You" and "Love Me Forever". She did some work with Billy Blanco (who was also working with Antonio Carlos Jobim, future master composer of bossa, so she did have her foot in the door, as it were...) Overall, this is some nice stuff, by a solid and personable performer... the Brazilian equivalent, perhaps, of Peggy Lee. Of particular note are a couple of covers of French pop tunes by Charles Aznavour and Gilbert Becaud -- traces of Brazil's lingering Europhilia. Recommended!

Dolores Duran "Canta Para Voce Dancar, v. 2" (Copacabana, 1958)

Dolores Duran "Esse Norte E Minha Sorte" (Copacabana, 1959)

Dolores Duran "Serie Bis" (EMI, 2002)

Dolores Duran "A Musica De Dolores Duran" (2007)

Dolores Duran "Reconstituicao Com Orquestra E Coro Em 16 Canais" (2007)

Dolores Duran "Os Anos Dourados De Dolores Duran" (Box Set) (EMI-Brasil, 2010)
The late Dolores Duran (1930-1959) was one of Brazil's most highly-regarded singers of the pre-bossa nova era, and remained popular after the bossa revolution swept the old styles aside. This massive, 8-CD box gathers vintage recordings made for the Copacabana label -- the old stuff on which her legend was made. Also included are a couple of dozen tracks written by Duran and later recorded by some of the singers who came in her wake, such as Elizeth Cardoso and Nelson Goncalves. A real treasure trove of Brazilian popular song from the "radio singers" era, and the early bossa nova scene.


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