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Elomar portrait Elomar is one of the true oddballs of the Brazilian music scene... And considering how kooky Brazilian music can get, that's saying a lot! Coming out of the folk revival of the Northeastern sertao, Elomar took the fundamental elements of the various regional styles and transformed them into something glorious and bizarre... He apparently invented his own language for some of his lyrics, and pushed the acoustic music envelope as far as he could. For a really different take on Brazilian regional music, you might want to check this guy out...


Elomar "...Das Barrancas Do Rio Gaviao" (PolyGram, 1973)

Elomar "Na Quadra Das Aguas Perdidas" (Marcus Pereira, 1979)

Elomar "Fantasia Leiga Para Um Rio Seco" (Rio Gaviao, 1981)

Elomar/Paulo Moura/Arthur Moreira Lima/Heraldo Do Monte "ConSertao" (Kuarup, 1982)

Elomar "Auto Da Catingueira" (Rio Gaviao, 1984)

Elomar/Geraldo Azevedo/Elomar/Vital Farias/Xangai "Cantoria 1" (Kuarup, 1984)
Beautiful, relaxed live acoustic recordings by this informal foursome from the Brazilian Northeast... The more upbeat numbers echo Gilberto Gil's acoustic improvisations, while the quieter numbers seem to draw on the Latin American "new song" movement... At any rate, these are gentle, stately performances, and well worth checking out.

Elomar/Geraldo Azevedo/Elomar/Vital Farias/Xangai "Cantoria 2" (Kuarup, 1985)

Elomar & Arthur Moreira Lima "Parcelada Malunga" (EMI, 1989)

Elomar "Em Concerto" (Kuarup, 1990)

Elomar "Aria Sertanicas" (Rio Do Gaviao, 1994)

Elomar "Cantoria 3 -- Canto E Solo" (Kuarup, 1994)

Elomar "Cartas Catingueiras" (Rio Do Gaviao, 1995)


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