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Denise Emmer portrait Denise Emmer is a poet and author from a literary family... Apparently she's also a member of the Orquestra Rio Camerata, playing cello in that erudite ensemble. Here's a quick look at her work...


Denise Emmer "Alouette" (Som Livre, 1980)

Denise Emmer "Pelos Caminhos Da America" (Tapecar, 1981)

Denise Emmer "Toda Cidade E Um Passaro" (Galaxia, 1982) (LP)

Denise Emmer "Canto Lunar" (Som Livre, 1983)
Airy, mellow acoustic folk... Very artful, restrained and genteel. Sort of a Brazilian Judy Collins? Didn't totally wow me, but it's pretty-sounding. (Indeed, in her more lyrical passages, she reminds me of Marisa Monte...) Worth a spin, I suppose, if this sounds good to you...

Denise Emmer "Cantiga Do Verso Avesso" (1992)

Denise Emmer "Cinco Movimentos E Um Soneto" (Leblon, 1994)

Denise Emmer "Mapa Das Horas" (Lumiar, 2004)


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