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E O Tchan portrait Originally known as Gera Samba, the band E O Tchan personify the brainless, sex-drenched "axe" pop of the 1990s, with easygoing, prefab pop-samba rhythms and plenty of T&A in their videos. I'm not a huge fan, but they were big sellers and are certainly representative of a major wave of mainstream Brazilian pop. Here's a quick look at their work.


Gera Samba "Gera Samba" (1994)
This is the group that would evolve into the highly-successful samba-pop "axe" band, E O Tchan.

E O Tchan "Gera Samba" (Polygram, 1996)
The band changes its name... So... Is this an album by Gera Samba called "E O Tchan," or an album by E O Tchan called "Gera Samba"? Oh, my head is spinning!

E O Tchan "Na Cabeca E Na Cintura" (Polygram, 1996)
Well, at any rate now the band is called E O Tchan... There! That's settled!

E O Tchan "Do Brasil" (Polygram, 1997)

E O Tchan "No Havai" (Mercury-Polygram, 1998)
(Produced by Wesley Rangel & Cau Adan)

Brainless Caribbean-tinged samba-pop from this wildly (and inexplicably) popular band... The slight nod towards Havai (Hawaii) only lasts a second, with a hint of steel guitar and ukulele in the first track... After that, it's business as usual for these guys -- one same-sounding party tune after another. Midway through, you might find yourself getting a slight headache... like I did, when I tried to listen to this album.

E O Tchan "Na Selva" (Universal, 1999)

E O Tchan "Tchan.Com.Br" (Universal, 2000)

E O Tchan "Turma Do Batente" (Universal, 2001)


E O Tchan "Millennium" (Polygram, 1999)

E O Tchan "10 Anos De E O Tchan" (Polygram, 2005)


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