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Tete Espindola portrait Singer Tete Espindola came from a highly musical family -- several siblings were in a '70s rock-pop band called LuzAzul, later named Lirio Selvagem, which is where Tete started her career. She quickly became a solo star, although over the years she has frequently collaborated with family members, notably with her sister Alzira on the popular album, "Anahi." Here's a quick look at her work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Tete Espindola "A Arte De..." (Universal, 2006)

Discography - Albums

Tete Espindola "Tete E O Lirio Selvagem" (Phillips, 1978) (LP)
A challenging, sometimes beguiling album featuring the uniquely irritating vocals of Ms. Espindola, who went on to a successful solo career. Of course. I suppose her high-pitched trilling could be compared to Kate Bush, and sometimes the music tilts into a similarly artsy-fartsy, baroque vein, paired with regional Brazilian music, similar to that of Quinteto Violado. I suppose there's stuff here that the folk-freak revivalists could get into, but this is a pretty hard sell for most of us, and not particularly easy on the ears. I really kinda hate her voice, as well as the preciousness of her phrasing. But maybe that's just me. It's a weird record, for sure, and sometimes that makes stuff worth checking out. The backing band, Lirio Selvagem, was a rechristened version of a band called LuzAzul, featuring several of her brothers -- the label had her ditch them for her later records, which had a clearer pop direction.

Tete Espindola "Pirareta" (Phillips, 1980) (LP)

Tete Espindola "Passaros Na Garganta" (Som Da Gente, 1982) (LP)

Tete Espindola "Gaiola" (Barclay/BMG Ariola, 1986) (LP)

Tete Espindola "Ouvir/Birds" (LuzAzul, 1991)

Tete Espindola "So Tete" (Camerati, 1994)

Tete Espindola "Cancao Do Amor" (LuzAzul, 1995)

Tete Espindola & Alzira Espindola "Anahi" (Dabliu, 1998)

Tete Espindola "Vozvoixvoice: Musique De Phillippe Kadosch" (LuzAzul, 2002)

Tete Espindola & Raquel Naveira "Fiandeiras Do Pantanal" (LuzAzul, 2002)

Tete Espindola "O Que Virou: Can¨›es De Jerry Esp’ndola A Marcello Pettengil" (LuzAzul, 2003)

Tete Espindola "Espindola Canta" (LuzAzul, 2003/2004)

Tete Espindola "Zencinema" (LuzAzul, 2005)

Tete Espindola "Babelyes" (MCD World Music/LuzAzul, 2006)

Tete Espindola "eVAporAR" (Tratore/LuzAzul, 2007)


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