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Manfredo Fest portrait Jazz pianist Manfredo Fest (1936-1999) was a leading light of the Brazilian jazz scene, both before and after the bossa nova era. Fest was perhaps more adventurous and nuanced than man of his bossa-era compatriots, moving away from the clattersome "bossa trio" sound that dominated Brazilian jazz in the early 1960s. In the 1970s, he moved to America and worked for a while with Sergio Mendes but never attained the same level of recognition as many other Brazilian expatriates. Nonetheless, he left behind an interesting musical legacy... Here's a quick look at his work...


Manfredo Fest "Prestigo: Manfredo Fest Trio" (RGE, 1994)
This CD combines material from two mid-'60s albums by pianist Manfredo Fest, mostly typical bossa jazz-trio material, with the same full-speed ahead, go-go-go feel that all the Braz-jazz bands of that era seemed to exult in. Interestingly enough, although Fest became known as an artist who played the keyboards in a rhythmic, percussive manner, on these early recordings he actually shows more melodic nuance than many of his contemporaries. It's not great jazz, but Fest did have a subtle feel that was lacking in other pianists of the time. This disc starts off with his medley of "Maria" tunes -- Carlos Lyra's "Maria Ninguem," "Eu Sem Maria" by Dorival Caymmi, Ary Barroso's "Maria," "Sohno De Maria" by Marcos Valle, and others -- the performance is a little clunky, but I bet the concept wowed audiences back in '66... Another highlight is "M.E. Vestido Amarelo," on which Fest doubletracks his recording to add an organ line on top of the piano, and sets a slinky, sinuous tone that's much more relaxed than the rest of the album... If you're looking into vintage Brazilian jazz, this is definitely an album to check out.

Manfredo Fest "Bossa Nova, Nova Bossa" (1963)

Manfredo Fest "Evolucao" (RGE, 1964)

Manfredo Fest "Manfredo Fest Trio" (RGE, 1965)
His complete 1965 LP, with "M.E. Vestido Amarelo" and other, more aggressive jazz performances...

Manfredo Fest "Some People" (1965)

Manfredo Fest "Alma Brasileira" (1966)

Manfredo Fest "Bossa Rio" (A&M, 1969)

Manfredo Fest "Alegria" (Blue Thumb, 1970)

Manfredo Fest "Bossa Rock Blues" (1972)

Manfredo Fest "Brazilian Dorian Dream" (T&M Productions, 1976) (LP)

Manfredo Fest "Manifestations" (Tabu, 1979) (LP)

Manfredo Fest "Jungle Cat" (1989)

Manfredo Fest "Braziliana" (1990)

Manfredo Fest "...And Friends" (1992)

Manfredo Fest "Oferenda" (Concord, 1994)

Manfredo Fest "Comecar De Novo: To Begin Again" (Concord, 1995)

Manfredo Fest "Fascinating Rhythm" (Concord, 1996)

Manfredo Fest "Amazonas" (Concord, 1997)

Manfredo Fest "Just Jobim" (1998)

Manfredo Fest & Brian Torff "Some Call It Jazz" (DVD) (2006)


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