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As Freneticas portrait As Freneticas were a female-led disco band of the 1970s and early '80s; sort of a Brazilian version of the Spice Girls, circa 1979. Predictably, they have modern-day fans, but as far as I can tell, their albums can be pretty safely skipped without fear of missing something special. Here's what I know, so far...


Freneticas "Sempre Freneticas" (WEA-Warner, 1999)
A best-of collection from an all-female disco band, made popular in the 1970s through their appearances in the telenovela, Dancin' Days. They were sort of the Spice Girls of their day, although in a straight-up disco mode, with a teensy bit of samba in there as well.

Freneticas "Freneticas" (WEA-Atlantic, 1977)

As Freneticas "Caia Na Gandaia" (WEA-Warner, 1978)

As Freneticas "Soltas Na Vida" (WEA-Warner, 1979)

Freneticas "Babando Lamartine" (WEA-Warner, 1980)

Freneticas "Diabo 4" (RCA-Top Tape, 1983)

Freneticas "As Mais Gostosas Das Freneticas" (WEA-Warner, 1992)

Freneticas "Pra Salvar A Terra" (Jam Music, 2001)

Freneticas "Super 3: 3 Coletaneas De Sucessos" (WEA-Warner, 2009)
42 Super Hits!! A 3-CD set drawing on their various Warner albums...


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