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Isaura Garcia portrait Singer Isaura Garcia was one of the finest samba-cancao singers to rise to national fame after Carmen Miranda left for Hollywood. A star of the pre-bossa nova "radio singer" era, Garcia was married to organist Walter Wanderley, and late in her career she recorded several songwriter tributes.

Discography - Albums

Isaura Garcia "A Personalissima" (RCA-Camden, 1957/1969)
Absolutely delicious. This album collects a dozen of Garcia's finest early performances for the RCA label, mostly dating from 1945-46, when Garcia first became a star. It's beautiful samba-cancao with the same instantly recognizable aura of antiquity and nostalgia as Miranda's classic work, but with a more relaxed, laid-back feel. I just love this record. It's wonderful to have on in the background, with such warm, confident vocals and melodic, not-too-shrill arrangements. If you want to hear some of the best post-war samba music out there, check this disc out. It's highly, highly recommended.

Isaura Garcia "Foi A Noite" (Odeon, 1958)

Isaura Garcia "Sempre Personalissima" (Odeon, 1959)

Isaura Garcia "Saudade Querida" (Odeon, 1960)

Isaura Garcia "A Pedida E Samba" (Odeon, 1961)
A sprightly, bouncy pop-samba set with vocalist Garcia backed by her then-husband, organist Walter Wanderley and his band. Garcia matches the dit-dit-dit, cha-cha-cha perkiness of the Wanderley sound with her own stacatto phrasing, sort of a slowed-down take on Carmen Miranda's half-spoken samba cancao of a generation earlier. A nice, fun record which flirts with the romantic bolero style that dominated other Latin American music at the time... Plus, a fine treat for Wanderley fans who want to hear what he was like in the early years!

Isaura Garcia "Atualissima" (Odeon, 1963)

Isaura Garcia "Samba Na Madrugada" (Odeon, 1963)

Isaura Garcia "Martinho Da Vila & Dolores Duran Na Voz De Isaura Garcia" (Continental, 1969)

Isaura Garcia "Ary Barroso E Billy Blanco Na Voz De Isaura Garcia" (Continental, 1969)
On the original LP, Side One was made up of six Billy Blanco songs, while Side Two had six by Ary Barroso.

Isaura Garcia "Chico Buarque De Hollanda E Noel Rosa Na Voz De Isaura Garcia" (Continental, 1970)

Isaura Garcia & Noite Ilustrada "Papo Furado" (Continental, 1970)

Isaura Garcia "Isaura Garcia" (Continental, 1973)

Isaura Garcia "Nua & Crua" (EMI-Odeon, 1976)

Isaura Garcia "Eu, Isaura Garcia" (Arlequim, 1978)

Isaura Garcia "O Fino Da Fossa" (Cristal, 1982)

Isaura Garcia "Documento Inedito" (Eldorado, 1987)

Discography - Best-Ofs

Isaura Garcia "Serie Bis - Cantores Do Radio" (EMI-Brasil, 2000)
The archaic, roller-rinky poppiness of these recordings will doubtless seem very foreign to present-day listeners, who are accustomed to the sleek, jazz-tinged stylings of modern MPB. If the toot-toot-toodlin' electric organ sounds familiar, it ought to: Isaura was one of the most important early collaborators with samba-pop organist Walter Wanderley (of "Popcorn" fame) who also happened to be her husband. The material on these two discs is from later in her career, when she was on the Odeon label... It's pretty old-fashioned, but it might grow on you; much of the 1961 A Pedida E Samba album is included here as well.

Isaura Garcia "Mestres De MPB, v.1" (Warner, 2007)

Isaura Garcia "Mestres De MPB, v.2" (Warner, 2007)

Isaura Garcia "Warner 30 Anos" (Warner, 2008)

Other Media

Isaura Garcia "MPB Especial: 1972" (DVD) (2007)


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