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Ze Geraldo portrait Ze Geraldo was one of the 1970s-era generation of rock/pop singers to come out of the Minas Gerais region... Like his contemporaries Belchior and Lo Borges, he tended towards somewhat bland material, especially on his later records. Here's a quick look at his work...


Ze Geraldo "Zege & The Silver Jets" (Rozenblit, 1972)
An early album by Ze Geraldo, working under the pseudonym "Zege." It's fairly clumsy jovem guarda-meets-psych/pop material, in the Roberto Carlos style, but not as well produced or performed. It's okay, though, mostly a curio. There are only a few tracks on here are ones I'd want to come back to and listen to just for fun, including a couple with a Ray Charles beat to 'em... A lot of sluggish, organ-heavy ballads, though, and those are less fun. (He also apparently put out several singles under this name as well, some of which are kinda fun...)

Ze Geraldo "20 Super Sucessos" (Sony-Polydisc, 1998)
Yeesh... Gooey, overly earnest romantic material, drawn from Geraldo's first three albums, recorded for CBS between 1979-81. Geraldo wrote almost all the songs on here, and they all share the same low-key, midtempo, slightly lethargic feel, with somewhat flat vocal performances. ... It's not overtly cheesy or over-the-top, but it also isn't particularly compelling, either. Born in Minas, Geraldo is notable as one of the Northeast's bigger pop stars, and his 1990s concert collaborations with Elba Ramalho and Ze Ramalho. This best-of set didn't do much for me, though.

Ze Geraldo "Terceiro Mundo" (CBS, 1979)

Ze Geraldo "Estradas" (CBS-Epic, 1980)

Ze Geraldo "Ze Geraldo" (CBS-Epic, 1981)

Ze Geraldo "Caminhos De Minas" (Copacabana, 1983)

Ze Geraldo "Sol Girassol" (Copacabana, 1984)

Ze Geraldo "No Arco Da Porta De Um Dia" (Arco Som, 1986)


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