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Zeze Gonzaga "Zeze Gonzaga" (Columbia, 1956)

Zeze Gonzaga "Vivo A Cantar" (Columbia, 1957)

Zeze Gonzaga "Musica E Romance Na Voz Sentimental" (Sinter, 1958)

Zeze Gonzaga "Nossa Namorada Musical" (Continental, 1964)
(Produced and arranged by Luiz Mergulhao)

A bright, swinging set, with Gonzaga fully into the bossa-era vibe. Cheerful samba-cancao updated to meet the early-1960s production style... One nice tune after another. Not sure who was backing her on these sessions, but it's a strong performance all around, and Gonzaga's voice is quite warm and appealing. Recommended!

Zeze Gonzaga "Cancao Do Amor Distante" (Philips, 1967)
This album, with arrangements by maestros Lyrio Panicalli and Lindolpho Gaya, is evenly split between lively, uptempo samba-cancao (with a big band-y bounce) and more stately, deliberate art-song vocals, with ornate, sometimes experimental arrangements. The samba stuff on Side One is a lot of fun; the lavishly-arranged pop-vocals of Side Two are a bit too cerebral and self-conscious for my tastes... I like it better when she cuts loose and zips around the melody, and her voice sounds sweet, rather than showy. Either way, though, this is an album worth tracking down and checking out. This was the last album recorded in her youthful prime, though: after this, there's a twelve year break before Gonzaga would record again! What a pity, since she was really in the swing of things here...

Zeze Gonzaga & Radames Gnattali "Valzinho, Um Doce Veneno" (MIS, 1979)
(Produced by Herminio de Carvalho)

A fascinating collaboration between two artists who are each quite comfortable with the lusher, more romantic, older side of Brazilian pop, and explore it amply in the work of the composer known as Valzinho... Gnattali plinks and noodles his around the melodies, with a sweet, indulgent air, while Gonzaga zeroes in on the lyrics and relishes the unrestrained sentimentality. What's perhaps most interesting, though, are the subdued arrangements and the curious sonic flatness of the production, which gives these old songs a surprisingly modern, almost atonal feel. There's something very odd and unique about the feel of this album. Also accompanying Gonzaga are accordionist Chiquinho do Acordeon, guitarist Ze Menezes and Luciano Perrone, with some particularly sparse drum work. A really classy exploration of an antique Brazilian legacy... Quite nice.

Zeze Gonzaga & Jane Duboc "Classicas" (1999)

Zeze Gonzaga "Sou Apenas Uma Senhora Que Ainda Canta" (Biscoito Fino, 2003)

Zeze Gonzaga/Various Artists "Entre Cordas" (Biscoito Fino, 2008)


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