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Grupo Fundo De Quintal portrait Drawing on the talent pool of the Imperatriz Leopoldinense samba school, Grupo Fundo De Quintal is one of the great modern samba supergroups, with major players such as Jorge Aragao, Arlindo Cruz, Almir Guineto and Sombrinha, all of whom have powerful solo careers. With regular shifts in the lineup, Grupo Fundo's history spans three decades... Here's a quick look at their work.


Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Samba E No Fundo De Quintal (v.1)" (RGE, 1980)
(Produced by Durval Ferreira)

The first album by this samba-pagode supergroup... There are many fine records by this band, but it really doesn't get better than this... It can't, this is so good. Classic, old-school samba-raiz echoing the best work of artists such as Clara Nunes, Roberto Ribeiro and Beth Carvalho, with gorgeous acoustic performances, seductive percussion, and immense, joyful vocal choruses. This early lineup included Jorge Aragao, Almir Guineto and Sombrinho, and has Beth Carvalho's stamp of approval on the back -- she knew the musicians through her patronage of the Imperatriz Leopoldinense samba school. She proclaims them as one of the true authentic samba bands of their time, which is a wonderful understatement. In short, this one's a winner. Don't hesitate to snap it up!

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Samba E No Fundo De Quintal (v.2)" (RGE, 1981)

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "V.3: Nos Pagodes Da Vida" (RGE, 1983)

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Seja Sambista Tambem" (RGE, 1984)
(Produced by Helio Eduardo Costa Manso)

Another sweet set of good, basic, bamba-delic acoustic sambas. This album has, perhaps, a slightly lighter feel though it's still all-acoustic with no dips into modernization or electrified instruments... I guess the biggest difference is the vocal chorus is less prominent, giving more focus to the guitars and bandolim, as well as the vocals, and no one has to amp up their performances to be heard. Nice stuff. As usual.

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Divina Luz" (RGE, 1985)

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "O Mapa Da Mina" (RGE, 1986)

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Do Fundo Do Nosso Quintal" (RGE, 1987)
(Produced by Rildo Hora)

Pleasant, low-key pagode of the old school, with strummed cavaquinhos and a cheerful vocal chorus and gentle, pretty songs. A nice album, produced and arranged by Rildo Hora, with the band keeping things pretty simple and straightforward. Arlindo Cruz is still on board, and samba stars Beth Carvalho and Martinho Da Vila make guest appearances on, respectively, "Pra Que Viver Assim" and the medley, "Mama Lala/Clube Maritimo Africano," which closes the album. Nice stuff.

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "O Show Tem Que Continuar" (RGE, 1988)

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Ciranda Do Povo" (RGE, 1989)

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Ao Vivo" (RGE, 1990)

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "E Ai Que Quebra A Rocha" (RGE, 1991)

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "A Batucada Dos Nossos Tantos" (RGE, 1993)
(Produced by Rildo Hora)

This later set by these pagode old-timers is pretty by-the-numbers, but fun nonetheless. It's not an incandescent or particularly magical performance, but the music is sweet and swinging, even when reduced to its simplest, most commercially reducible components. Easy on the ears, even if it won't change your life. Rildo Hora again produces and performs on the album, although many of the group's original heavyweight players -- Jorge Aragao, Arlindo Cruz, Almir Guineto -- have since moved on, and are absent on this recording.

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Carta Musicada" (RGE, 1994)

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Palco Iluminado" (RGE, 1995)

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Nas Ondas Do Partido" (RGE, 1996)

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Livre Pra Sonhar" (RGE, 1997)
(Produced by Rildo Hora)

This late in the game, the remnants of Fundo Do Quintal have gotten pretty poppy, both in the direction of the hyperactive, perky synth-samba that was called "pagode" in the 1990s, and in the slower, sappier pop ballad sense as well. It's basically soft, commercialized easy listening, but not too bad, really. This disc is listenable and only a little embarassing, with some milky chord changes and goopy keyboards, but mostly okay. Noteworthy additions: flautist Dirciu Leitte and guitarist Henrique Cazes are among the wide cast of supporting musicians...

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "...E Convidados" (RGE, 1998)

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Chega Pra Sambar" (RGE, 1999)

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Simplicidade -- Fundo De Quintal Ao Vivo" (BMG, 2000)

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Ao Vivo -- Cacique De Ramos" (BMG, 2002)

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Festa Pra Comunidade" (BMG-RCA, 2003)

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Ao Vivo Convida" (Indie-Universal, 2004)

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Samba Quente" (2005)

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Pela Hora" (2006)

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Samba De Todos Os Tempos" (Som Livre, 2008)


Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Nosso Grito" (Som Livre, 2000)
A best-of set...

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Maxximum" (Sony BMG, 2005)
A best-of set...

Grupo Fundo De Quintal "Roda De Samba Com Grupo Fundo De Quntal" (Som Livre, 2006)
A best-of set...


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