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Eduardo Gudin portrait Eduardo Gudin emerged as a teenage prodigy in the late 1960s, tapped by legendary vocalist Elis Regina to provide material for her television show, and also became a popular composer in the national songwriting competitions. Gudin formed a partnership with Paulo Cesar Pinheiro that yielded several excellent albums -- he also recorded music with his wife, Vania Bastos, who also has a few records of her own. Here's a quick look at Gudin's work...


Eduardo Gudin "Eduardo Gudin" (EMI-Odeon, 1973)

Eduardo Gudin "Eduardo Gudin" (EMI-Odeon, 1975)

Eduardo Gudin/Marcia/Paulo Cesar Pinheiro "O Importante E Que A Nossa Emocao Sobreviva" (EMI-Odeon, 1975)
Live performances from the long-running show, O Importante E Que A Nossa Emocao Sobreviva...

Eduardo Gudin/Marcia/Paulo Cesar Pinheiro "O Importante E Que A Nossa Emocao Sobreviva, v.2" (EMI-Odeon, 1976)
More songs from O Importante E Que A Nossa Emocao Sobreviva...

Eduardo Gudin "Coracao Marginal" (Continental, 1978)
(Produced by Jose Briamonte)

A lovely mix of gentle, swaying, cavaquinho-heavy acoustic sambas ('70s style!) and more florid, romantic MPB ballads. Plenty of top talent here, including sambistas such as Wilson das Neves and Dino 7 Cordas, along with jazz/MPB players like Milton Banana. Really sweet stuff - highly recommended!

Eduardo Gudin "Fogo Calmo Das Velas" (Realejo, 1981)

Eduardo Gudin "Ensaio Do Dia" (Continental, 1984)

Eduardo Gudin "Balaozinho" (Continental, 1986)

Eduardo Gudin & Vania Bastos "Eduardo Gudin & Vania Bastos" (Eldorado, 1989)

Eduardo Gudin "... & Noticias Dum Brasil" (Dabliu, 2000)
Pretty stuff, originally recorded in 1994. If you've ever heard the glitzy vocal gymnastics of Quarteto Em Cy, and thought, "Hmmmm... almost, but not quite..." then maybe you'd enjoy giving this album a try... Fluid and honeyed where Em Cy are merely chirpy and acrobatic, this vocal ensemble features early work by Monica Salmaso, along with a slew of lesser-known (but no less talented) performers. A little goopy, sure, but also stately and gentle, and nowhere near as irritating as the original bossa vocal groups were. Definitely worth checking out.

Eduardo Gudin/Marcia/Paulo Cesar Pinheiro "Tudo O Que Mais Nos Uniu" (Dabliu, 2000)
A reunion of the trio that recorded two albums worth of material from their long-running O Importante E Que A Nossa Emocao Sobreviva shows... This warm, stately bossa nova concert, recorded in 1996, features music that was composed by Gudin and Pinheiro between 1967 and 1976. Mostly it's quite lovely, occasionally on the syrupy side, but with sufficient rough edges and earthiness to satisfy our traditionalist impulses. Nice stuff with a heavy samba flavor.

Eduardo Gudin & Fatima Guedes "Luzes Da Mesma Luz" (Dabliu, 2001)

Eduardo Gudin "Pra Tirar O Chapeu" (Dabliu, 2002)

Eduardo Gudin & Noticias Dum Brasil "Um Jeito De Fazer Samba" (Dabliu, 2006)

Eduardo Gudin & Leila Pinheiro "Pra Iluminar" (2009)


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