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Ira! portrait Ira! were one of the more dynamic and forceful of the bands in the 1980s BRock scene, mixing punk, mod and ska in a way that stayed true to their inspirations abroad. If you're a fan of the Jam, or Op Ivy, perhaps, looking for Brazilian rock band that'll hold your attention, check these guys out...


Ira! "Mudanca De Comportamento" (Warner, 1985)
(Produced by Pena Schmidt & Liminha)

Fun, tightly crafted punk-mod rock, very much in the style of the Jam, with a little hint of the Clash in there as well. Although these guys weren't overtly playing ska here, there's the same sort of edginess and excitement. A nice record; especially cool in comparison to the more sluggish BRock bands such as Barao Vermelho, et al, which were also finding an audience at the time. Definitely worth checking out.

Ira! "Vivendo E Nao Aprendendo" (Warner, 1986)
Cool stuff! They're kind of like a Brazilian version of the Jam -- jittery, jangly, ska-tinged and consistently engaging in a fun, punky way. The CD reissue includes five bonus tracks, including two songs that weren't included on the original album (and demo versions of three that were...) If you're looking into Brazilian indie/alt rock, you'll want to check these guys out...

Ira! "Psicoacustica" (Warner, 1988)

Ira! "Clandestino" (Warner, 1990)

Ira! "Meninos Da Rua Paulo" (Warner, 1991)

Ira! "Musica Calma Para Pessoas Nervosas" (Warner, 1993)

Ira! "7" (Paradoxx, 1996)

Ira! "Voce Nao Sabe Quem Eu Sou" (Paradoxx, 1998)

Ira! "Isso E Amor" (DeckDisc/Abril, 1999)

Ira! "MTV Ao Vivo" (DeckDisc/Abril, 2000)

Ira! "Entre Seus Rins" (DeckDisc/Abril, 2001)

Ira! "Acustico MTV" (Sony, 2004)

Ira! "Acustico MTV" (DVD) (Sony, 2004)

Ira! "e-Collection" (Warner, 2002)
A 2-CD set of hits, demos, one-offs and rarities... and all very cool. One of the best and most convincing punk/post-punk bands from Brazil, these guys ranged all over the map, musically... They cover the Beatles, (on a pleasantly crunchy version of "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds") and pay homage to the Clash (on a version of "Should I Stay Or Should I Go"), but it's the band's original material that makes the strongest impression. There's a clear Jam influence, but also a bit of Stiff Little Fingers and various earnest pop-punkers... Not many Brazilian bands sounded like this, and fewer still did it as well... Sometimes they get a little slick or overly mainstream, but for the most part, this is definitely recommended!


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