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Jacob Do Bandolim portrait Jacob Pick Bittencourt, better known as Jacob Do Bandolim (1918-1969) was the master mandolinist of Brazilian music in the 20th Century, and one of the key figures in the popularization of choro music. He was an important folklorist, composer and performer, reviving dozens of songs from the choro canon and giving them all his own special stylistic spin... In the 1960s, Do Bandolim formed the group Epoca De Ouro, along with guitarist Dino 7 Cordas, recording several albums, and live performances. Numerous artists cite him as an influence, and countless fans still thrill to his music...

CD Discography

Jacob Do Bandolim "Original Classic Recordings v. 1" (Acoustic Disc, 1991)
Jacob Do Bandolim "Original Classic Recordings v. 2" (Acoustic Disc, 1994)

It's pretty easy to figure out why "newgrass" label head David Grisman was so drawn to mandolin whiz Jacob do Bandolim's music, and why he went out of his way to get the rights to reissue these rare old 78s. Many of do Bandolim's sprightly recordings are every bit as bouncy and bright as Grisman's own acoustic bluegrass-jazz. A choro artist whose career took off well after the golden years of the genre, Do Bandolim was a stellar performer; these recordings from the 1950s and '60s showcase him in a variety of styles -- at times jazzy, or poppish, or more traditional. Either disc will prove irresistably infectious, although the first volume may be punchier and more tightly focused. Highly recommended!

Jacob Do Bandolim "In Memoriam" (BMG-Ariola, 1996)

Jacob Do Bandolim "Sempre Jacob" (Kuarup, 1999)

Jacob Do Bandolim/Epoca De Ouro "Enciclopedia Musical Brasileira" (Warner, 2000)

Jacob Do Bandolim "Gravacoes Originais: 1949-1969" (RCA-Brasil, 2000)
This 3-CD box set might not be easy to find -- Brazilian major labels have a way of producing far too few enough copies of their best reissue albums, and thus drive everybody crazy -- but it sure is worth looking for. I haven't done a side-by-side comparison between this set and the two Acoustic Disc collections listed above, but I can say that the sound quality and the pacing of the songs are quite stupendous. Mastered straight from the original tapes, with brightness and clarity that is quite astonishing. Listening to it all at once might be overwhelming, but taken a little bit at a time, you'll be amazed at Do Bandolim's technical facility and his melodic grace. Particularly nice are some live recordings from the 1960s, which close out Disc 3, showing his dazzling speed and accuracy, and the warmth with which Brazilian audiences greeted his performances. Highly recommended!

Jacob Do Bandolim "Clube Dos Choroes" (Warner, 2002)

Discography - Albums

Jacob Do Bandolim "Jacob Do Bandolim Revive Musicas De Ernesto Nazareth" (RCA, 1955)

Jacob Do Bandolim "Valsas Evocativos" (RCA, 1956)

Jacob Do Bandolim "Choros Evocativos" (RCA, 1957)

Jacob Do Bandolim "Epoca De Ouro: Jacob E Seu Bandolim Em Hi-Fi" (RCA, 1959)

Jacob Do Bandolim "Valsas Brasileiros Antigamente" (RCA, 1960)

Jacob Do Bandolim "Na Roda Do Choro" (RCA, 1960)

Jacob Do Bandolim "Chorinhos E Choroes" (RCA, 1961)

Jacob Do Bandolim "Primas E Bordoes" (RCA, 1962)

Jacob Do Bandolim "Valsas E Choros Evocativos" (RCA, 1962)

Jacob Do Bandolim "Jacob Revive Sambas Para Voce Cantar" (RCA, 1963)

Jacob Do Bandolim & Gnattali Radames "Retratos" (CBS, 1964)

Jacob Do Bandolim "Assanhando" (RCA, 1966)

Jacob Do Bandolim & Epoca De Ouro "Vibracoes" (RCA, 1967)

Jacob Do Bandolim/Various Artists "Ao Vivo No Teatro Joao Caetano" (Museu De Imagem E Do Som, 1968)
A live show, recorded along with Do Bandolim's band, Epoca de Ouro, as well as bossa diva Elizeth Cardoso, and the bossa-jazz combo called the Zimbo Trio...

Jacob Do Bandolim/Various Artists "Ao Vivo No Teatro Joao Caetano, v.2" (Museu De Imagem E Do Som, 1968)

Jacob Do Bandolim/Various Artists "Fragamentos Ineditos Do Historical Recital No Teatro Joao Caetano Em 19 De Feveriro De 1968, v.3" (Museu De Imagem E Do Som, 1977)

Tributes & Related Records

Laercio De Freitas "Homanagem Jacob Do Bandolim" (Tratore-Maritaca, 2004)

Joel Nascimento "Joel Nascimento Relendo Jacob Do Bandolim" (RGE, 1998)

Various Artists "TRIBUTO A JACOB DO BANDOLIM" (Warner, 2004)
Featuring performances by Camerata Carioca, Radames Gnattali and Joel Nascimento...

Jacob Do Bandolim/Various Artists "GREAT JEWISH MUSIC: JACOB DO BANDOLIM" (Tzadik, 2004)
The New York-based avant-jazz squonk-rock contingent pays homage to one of the great legends of Brazilian instrumental music... I haven't heard this one yet, but I am curious.


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