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Sergio Ricardo portrait Jammil E Uma Noites are a Brazilian "boy band" pop group formed in Bahia in the mid-1990s... Although they had roots in the pop-samba axe scene, the band can fairly be said to have transcended these roots in favor of something much closer to the pure "pop" of their North American counterparts... Cheerfully bland and inoffensive, the band has an easy-on-the-ears sound, and a penchant for covers of American pop and rock classics... Here's a quick look at their work.

Discography - Albums

Jammil E Uma Noites "Tanta Coisa Mudou" (EMI, 1997)

Jammil E Uma Noites "Contato" (1998)

Jammil E Uma Noites "Jammil E Uma Noites" (Deckdisc, 1999)

Jammil E Uma Noites "Soberano" (2000)

Jammil E Uma Noites "Acustico Ao Vivo" (Atracao, 2001)

Jammil E Uma Noites "De Verao" (2002)

Jammil E Uma Noites "Ao Vivo Na Balada" (Unimar, 2004)

Jammil E Uma Noites "Praieiro Ao Vivo" (Som Livre, 2005)

Jammil E Uma Noites "Luau Do Jammil" (2006)
Perky, wholesome pop-rock, with a distinctly Beatles-y tone... A little generic, perhaps, but easy on the ears... especially with the watered-down "Hawaiian" guitars on a few of the tunes...

Jammil E Uma Noites "Tres" (HPI, 2008)
Another live album...

"Na Real" (Som Livre, 2012)

Discography - Best-Ofs

Jammil E Uma Noites "Serie Bis" (EMI, 2000)
Brainless, good-timin', lightweight pop. This echoes the axe pop of the 1980s and '90s, with faint hints of hip-hop and boy-band fluff thrown in around the edges. This 2-CD set gathers a couple of dozen of their songs from 1997-98, including their cover of Nenhum De Nos's cover of David Bowie's "Starman." The collection's fluffy, but listenable. Just don't expect too much from it.


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