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Odair Jose portrait Debuting in the early 1970s, singer-songwriter Odair Jose was a latecomer to the teeniebopperish jovem guarda scene, mixing light, jangly rock riffs with more impassioned, anguished romantic vocals, in much the same way as the style's lead innovator, Roberto Carlos. Like Carlos, Jose's work continued to tilt towards romantic ballads, and as the '70s wore on, he became associated with the so-called "brega," or "tacky" soft pop scene. That being said,

Discography - Best-Ofs

Odair Jose "As Melhores" (Sony, 2002)
I have to admit I enjoy hearing Odair Jose's early recordings -- the arrangements are light and inoffensive, and there is a gently appealing quality to his vocals. This disc collects fourteen songs from his first two albums, 1970's Odair Jose, and 1971's Meu Grande Amor, both recorded for the CBS label, which specialized in jovem guarda material for much of the 1960s. Indeed, many of these tracks sound rather dated, with rinky-sounding 'Fifties rock arrangements that recall records made by other artists in the early '60s. Also worth noting are the several songs written by and along with Rossini Pinto, another of the jovem guarda/brega crooners whose career spanned the '60s and '70s. This is innocuous, lightweight stuff, but I gotta say, I found it pretty listenable.

Odair Jose "As Minhas Cancoes" (Universal, 1993)

Odair Jose "Minha Historia" (Universal, 1998)
A pleasant selection of early 1970s soft pop -- toque popular -- picking up where Roberto Carlos and the jovem guarda set left off, sort of like a Brazilian Gilbert O'Sullivan, or David Gates. I'm almost embarrassed to admit I like this stuff, but what can I say? It sounds nice! Jose has an appealing, mildly tortured, romantic voice... It's nothing dazzling, but there's also nothing heinous about the production and overall this is quite easy on the ears. This set covers Jose's Polygram years, including material from three albums, Assim Sou Eu... (1972), Odair Jose, (1973) and Lembrancas, from 1974, a period that was more mature and less forced than his earlier work. Like most of the Minha Historia series, this disc is well-selected and a better-than-average best-of.. Well worth looking for.

Discography - Albums

Odair Jose "Odair Jose" (CBS, 1970)

Odair Jose "Meu Grande Amor" (CBS, 1971)

Odair Jose "Assim Sou Eu" (Polydor, 1972)

Odair Jose "Odair Jose" (1973)

Odair Jose "Lembrancas" (Polydor, 1974)

Odair Jose "Odair Jose" (1975)

Odair Jose "Historias E Pensamentos" (1976)

Odair Jose "O Filho De Jose E Maria" (RCA Victor, 1977)

Odair Jose "Odair Jose" (1979)

Odair Jose "Odair Jose" (1980)

Odair Jose "Viva E Deixe Viver" (1981)

Odair Jose "Odair Jose" (1982)

Odair Jose "Odair Jose" (1983)

Odair Jose "Odair Jose" (1987)
Seriously, dude... How hard is it to think up an album title? I mean, two albums called "Odair Jose" that came out in the same year?? What's up with that?

Odair Jose "Odair Jose" (1987)

Odair Jose "Sem Saida" (Copacabana, 1990)

Odair Jose "Odair Jose" (1992)

Odair Jose "Odair Jose" (1993)

Odair Jose "Odair Jose" (1994)

Odair Jose "As Minhas Cancoes" (1996)

Odair Jose "Ao Vivo" (2002)

Odair Jose "So Pode Ser Amor" (2006)

Odair Jose "Santo Antonio: Pilao Arcado" (2010)


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