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Karametade portrait A pop-samba band from the suburbs of Sao Paulo, Karametade had a few hits and also helped launch the solo career of singer Wagner Duarte, aka Vava. Here's a quick look at their work.

Discography - Best-Ofs

Karametade "Serie XXI" (Sony, 2000)

Karametade "Grandes Sucessos: Best Of The Best Gold" (Sony, 2001)

Karametade "10 Anos De Sucesso" (2009)

Discography - Albums

Karametade "Karametade" (Sony, 1997)
Like many Brazilian bands, Karametade had the bad habit of giving all their albums the same name... (In this case, "Karametade") which makes it hard to find a specific album. I've linked to the ones I could tell for sure were the correct records, but others remain a mystery. Hope this helps!

Karametade "Karametade" (Sony, 1998)

Karametade "Karametade" (Sony, 1999)

Karametade "Karametade" (Sony, 2000)

Karametade "Ao Vivo" (Sony, 2001)

Karametade "Karametade" (2001)

Karametade "Karametade" (2003)

Karametade "Karametade" (2005)

Solo Albums

Vava "Vava" (Sony, 2001)
Vava's first solo album... Guess he also did some TV acting: he's movie-star pretty... haven't heard his records, though.

Vava "Vava" (Sony, 2002)

Vava "To Chegando" (Sony, 2001)

Vava "Vava Ao Vivo" (Sony, 2004)


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