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Kid Abelha portrait One of Brazil's most popular indie/new wave bands, Kid Abelha scored a chart-topping hit with their very first single, and have been going strong ever since. The band's bright, upbeat sound has also propelled some solo work by singer Paula Toller... Here's a quick look at the band and their work...


Kid Abelha "Seu Espiao" (Elektra, 1984)

Kid Abelha "Educacao Sentimental" (Elektra, 1985)

Kid Abelha "Ao Vivo" (Elektra, 1986)

Kid Abelha "Tomate" (WEA, 1987) (LP)
Unapologetically pop and mainstream, and nice. Totally contemporary, this has a definite, New Wave-y '80s sound, but in a surprisingly good way. Paula Toller has a very nice voice, and that goes a long way to gloss over the less challenging aspects of their music. Not much here really grabbed my imagination, but I could listen to the whole disc from start to finish and be reasonably engaged -- nothing awful or cringeworthy, which is a nice change of pace for this style of Brazilian pop.

Kid Abelha "Kid" (WEA, 1989)

Kid Abelha "Tudo E Permitido" (WEA, 1991)

Kid Abelha "Ie Ie Ie" (Warner Music, 1993)

Kid Abelha "Meio Desligado" (Warner Music, 1994)

Kid Abelha "Meu Mundo Gira Em Torno De Voce" (Warner Music, 1996)

Kid Abelha "Autolove" (Warner Music, 1998)

Kid Abelha "Colecao" (Warner Music, 2000)

Kid Abelha "Surf" (Universal, 2001)

Kid Abelha "Acustico MTV" (Universal, 2002)

Kid Abelha "Pega Vida" (Universal, 2005)

Kid Abelha "Greatest Hits '80s" (WEA, 1990)

Kid Abelha "Kid Abelha" (WEA Latina, 1997)
Their greatest hits... en espanol!

Kid Abelha "e-Collection" (WEA, 2000)
A 2-CD best-of set, half hits, half odds'n'ends...


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