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Kleiton & Kledir portrait Kleiton & Kledir is a Brazilian pop duo made up of brothers Kleiton and Kledir Ramil, who were in the 1970's pop band Almondegas before setting out on their own as a duo act. Here's a quick look at their work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Kleiton & Kledir "Millennium" (Universal/Mercury, 2000)
Early '80s pop from Kleiton and Kledir Ramil... It's perky and hook-filled, shamelessly overwrought and mechanically produced -- but there's certainly worse music to be found in Brazil's AOR-influenced "brega" canon. Lots of cow bells, hand-clappy drum machines, noodly electric guitar riffs, shimmering string arrangements and smiley-faced vocal choruses. Yikes!

Kleiton & Kledir "Novo Millennium" (Universal/Mercury, 2005)

Kleiton & Kledir "A Arte De Kleiton & Kledir" (Universal, 2006)

Discography - Albums

Kleiton & Kledir "Kleiton & Kledir (1)" (Ariola, 1980)

Kleiton & Kledir "Kleiton & Kledir (2)" (Ariola, 1981)

Kleiton & Kledir "Kleiton & Kledir (3)" (Ariola, 1983)

Kleiton & Kledir "Kleiton & Kledir (4)" (Barclay, 1984)

Kleiton & Kledir "Kleiton & Kledir (5)" (Polygram, 1986)

Kleiton Ramil "Sim" (RGE, 1990)

Kledir Ramil "Ao Vivo" (Som Livre, 1991) (LP)

Kleiton & Kledir "Dois" (1996)

Kleiton & Kledir "Classicos Do Sul" (Universal/Mercury, 1999)

Kleiton & Kledir "Ao Vivo" (Som Livre, 2005)

Kleiton & Kledir "Autorretrato" (HPI, 2009)


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