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Sergio Ricardo portrait Gileno Osorio Wanderley de Azevedo, best known by his stage name, Leno (and later as Gileno), was one of the best-known figures on the 1960s Brazilian jovem guarda teenybopper rock scene. After a short stint as a solo artist, he teamed up with Lilian Knapp to form the duo Leno & Lilian, recording several albums and singles. As the jovem guarda era came to a close, the duo broke up with both Leno and Lilian pursuing solo careers; Leno changed back to his birthname, Gileno, in the late '70s and briefly recorded under that name and -- like many of his contemporaries -- participated in the wave of jovem guarda nostalgia that began in the 1990s. Here's a quick look at their work...

Discography - Albums

Leno & Lilian "Leno E Lilian" (CBS, 1966)

Leno & Lilian "Nao Acredito" (CBS, 1967)

Leno "Leno" (CBS, 1968)

Leno "A Festa Dos Seus 15 Anos" (CBS, 1970)

Leno "Vida E Obra De Johnny McCartney" (CBS, 1971)
A surprisingly convincing heavy rock outing (with dips into soft pop and psychedelic folk) from a former teen-scene jovem guarda star who was once half of the Leno & Lilian duo. The opening cuts have tons of fuzzed-out electric guitars, worthy of Pretty Things, Humble Pie and Cream... and for Brazilian rock, that's saying a lot! Standout tracks (and there are several) include the thudding, Spinal Tap-esque "Sentado No Arco Iris" and the more country-rockin', Monkees-ish "Nao Ha Lei Em Grilo City." Indeed, I wouldn't have thought it, when I first laid eyes on this disc, but it's pretty darn good. Apparently the backing band was a version of the pioneering '60s garage-psych group, The Bubbles, who were moving into an acid rock/prog phase themselves... If you're checking out hippie-era Brazilian rock, this album is a strong entry... Worth checking out!

Leno & Lilian "Leno E Lilian" (CBS, 1972)

Leno & Lilian "Leno E Lilian" (CBS, 1973)

Leno "Meu Nome E Gileno" (CBS, 1976) (LP)
An excellent '70s rock album, different in style but on a par creatively with his 1971 Johnny McCartney album... Lots of funky rhythms with country-rock, boogie-rock and 70's AOR soft-pop hooks, in sort of a Faces/Humble Pie/Steve Miller Band mode. Surprisingly strong rock performances by the various Brazilian musicians - great organ accompaniment and electric guitar power chords, with heartfelt vocals. I suppose there's a case to be made for Leno being sort of a Brazilian Ricky Nelson -- a prefab teen-pop star who pushed himself into a more "serious" hard rock mode... Which isn't to say there isn't some sappy, David Gates-y stuff on here as well, but overall I'd say if you can track this one down and check it out, you'll be pleased. Definitely recommended.

Lilian "Lilian" (1979)

Gileno "Encontros No Tempo" (1981)

Gileno "Coracao Adolescente" (1990)

Lilian "Lilian" (1992)

Gileno "Coisas Que a Gente Viveu" (2000)
A live album...

Lilian "Lilian Knapp" (2001)

Gileno "Idade Midia" (2006) (?)

Leno "Um Show De Jovem Guarda" (2003)

Discography - Best-Ofs

Leno & Lilian "Nao Acredito" (CBS, 1967)
This twofer release includes the duo's first two albums, Leno & Lilian (1966) and Nao Acredito (1967) Anyone got a copy to spare?

Leno & Lilian "Leno E Lilian" (CBS, 1972)
This twofer release includes the duo's last two albums, Leno & Lilian (1972) and Leno & Lilian (1973)

Leno "O Melhor De Leno: 1974-1988" (1988)

Leno "Aquelas Cancoes: Antologia 1968-1970" (1995)

Lilian "Romantica" (Sony, 2003)


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