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Lobao portrait A former member of the pioneering BRock band Blitz, Lobao set out on a successful solo career as a commercially-inclined mainstream rock singer. He also has played with many other Brazilian rock and New Wave musicians, including Walter Franco, Ritchie, Lulu Santos, and his own bands Vimana and Os Ronaldos. Here's a quick look at his work...


Lobao "Cena De Cinema" (RCA Victor, 1983)

Lobao "Ronaldo Foi Pra Guerra" (RCA Victor, 1984)

Lobao "O Rock Errou" (RCA Victor, 1986)

Lobao "Vida Bandida" (RCA Victor, 1987)

Lobao "Cuidado" (BMG Ariola, 1988)

Lobao "Sob O Sol De Parador" (BMG Ariola, 1989)

Lobao "Vivo" (BMG Ariola, 1990)

Lobao "O Inferno E Fogo" (BMG Ariola, 1991)

Lobao "Nostalgia Da Modernidade" (Virgin, 1995)

Lobao "Noite" (Universal, 1998)

Lobao "A Vida E Doce" (1999)

Lobao "2001: Uma Odisseia No Universo Paralelo" (Popcorn, 2002)

Lobao "Cancoes Dentro Da Noite Escura" (Tratore, 2005)

Lobao "Acustico MTV" (Sony-BMG, 2007)

Lobao "Acustico MTV" (DVD) (Sony-BMG, 2007)


Lobao "Brasil's Best" (BMG/Ariola, 1993)
Stadium rock which varies from poppy metal to sensitive ballads... It's accomplished, but cheesy; based on this best-of, I don't feel overly compelled to run out and try anything else by this guy.


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