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Romero Lubambo & Rildo Hora "Autonomia" (Visom, 1990)

Romero Lubambo & Raphael Rabello "Shades Of Rio" (Chesky, 1993)

Romero Lubambo & Gil Goldstein "Infinite Love" (Big World, 1993)

Romero Lubambo & Weber Drummond "Face To Face" (GSP, 1993)

Romero Lubambo & Weber Drummond "Two" (Chesky, 1994)

Romero Lubambo & Leny Andrade "Coisa Fina" (Perfil, 1994)
A nice mellow set, jazz vocalist Leny Andrade with simple acoustic backing from guitarist Romero Lubambo... His fretwork is nimble and light, with a sweetness and delicacy that's quite pleasant to the ear... It often seems that Andrade's jazz background has left her more accustomed to stronger, more forceful arrangements, and at times she seems in danger of simply singing past Lubambo's accompaniment. But for the most part this is quite nice; it's both soft and emphatic, and runs through a wide range of material, from old samba cancao and classic bossa to the sleek MPB of Djavan and other moderns... Worth a spin!

Romero Lubambo & Mauro Sinise "Paraty" (Perfil Musical, 1997)

Romero Lubambo "Lubambo" (Avant, 1999)
A surprisingly tame, rather disapointing, release for a John Zorn-related artist. Yes, this fellow's Brazilian, and he's been at the center of much of the Brazilian-related New York scene -- playing on albums by Marisa Monte and the like -- but this album is fairly standard-issue jazz-and-flamenco inflected classical guitar, closer to Andres Segovia than to Baden Powell, or even to Luiz Bonfa. He's a flashy, talented guitarist, and the music is beautiful, but there aren't any new ideas here.

Romero Lubambo & Brazilian Nights "Rio Wave" (Q Records, 2002)

Romero Lubambo "Rio De Janerio Underground" (441 Records, 2003)

Romero Lubambo & Cesar Camargo Mariano "Duo" (Sunnyside, 2003)

Romero Lubambo "Softly" (Max Jazz, 2006)

Romero Lubambo "Love Dance" (JVC Japan, 2007)

Romero Lubambo & Leny Andrade "Lua Do Arpoador" (Biscoito Fino, 2006)


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