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Pedro Luis E A Parede "Astronauta Tupy" (Warner/Dubas Musica, 1998)
This Rio rocker is pals with Fernanda Abreu, and apparently founded a popular rock club called Circo Voador. After establishing himself as a successful songwriter, he decided to found his own band and cut an album. Here he runs through an interesting modernization of the tropicalia mix'n'match approach, blending off-kilter guitar rock with addictive batucada percussion. It's not as wild as, say, the best moments of Lenine, but more engaging than the likes of modern rockers such as Zeca Baleiro or Joao Supplicy. Old-school rocker Ney Matogrosso duets on a tune or two, and one track was co-written with Abreu. Fans of Tom Ze might enjoy this... Worth checking out!

Pedro Luis E A Parede "E Tudo Um Real" (Warner, 1999)

Pedro Luis E A Parede "Zona E Progresso" (Universal, 2001)

Pedro Luis E A Parede & Ney Matogrosso "Vagabundo" (Universal, 2004)

Pedro Luis E A Parede & Ney Matogrosso "Vagabundo Ao Vivo" (Universal, 2006)

Pedro Luis E A Parede "Warner 30 Anos" (Warner, 2006)
This best-of set runs a gamut from prefab pop-funk to more rhythmic, rootsy material that taps into regional styles such as baiao and forro. Mostly, it's pretty poppy and alt-rock... Not really my cup of tea, but I can see where they would have generated some heat in Brazil's rock scene... Worth checking out, for sure, but too processed and slick for me.


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