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Moacyr Luz portrait Moacyr Luz is a Brazilian singer, songwriter and guitarist of exceptional subtlety and depth... He has collaborated with numerous artists, notably Jards Macale, and his songs have been covered widely, although his own albums may be the best way to discover his work... Let's take a look...


Moacyr Luz "1988" (Dabliu, 1988)

Moacyr Luz "Vitoria Da Ilusao" (Caju, 1995)

Moacyr Luz "Mandingueiro" (Dabliu, 1996)
Sweet, rhythmically rich acoustic sambas. Similarities to early Joao Bosco should come as little surprise, since most of this album was co-written along with Bosco's old partner, Aldir Blanc. Nice, mellow stuff... recommended!

Moacyr Luz "Na Galeria" (Lua Music, 2001)
(Produced by Moacyr Luz)

Another mellow, understated acoustic gem... Much of this album is a bit more contemplative and subdued compared to his other records (and occasionally a little mushy...) but it's rich, lovely musicmaking nonetheless. Definitely worth a spin!

Moacyr Luz "A Seducao Carioca Do Poeta Brasileiro" (Lua Music, 2004)
With members of the samba/choro band, Agua de Moringa...

Moacyr Luz "Samba Da Cidade" (Lua Music, 2005)
(Produced by Moacyr Luz)

A lovely acoustic samba album, with delicate cavaquinho (by Mauro Diniz) and ornate guitar throughout... Most of the songs are Luz originals, with many co-written with Aldir Blanc, as well as some written along with samba luminaries such as Wilson Das Neves, Martinho Da Vila, Luiz Carlos Da Vida, and Paulo Cesar Pinheiro. The music sounds mostly the same from track to track, but it's all quite lovely. Gentle, lulling, and definitely recommended.

Moacyr Luz "Violao & Voz" (Deckdisc, 2005)

Moacyr Luz & Armando Marcal "Sem Compromisso" (Deckdisc, 2007)

Moacyr Luz/Various Artists "SAMBA: FRAN'S CAFE" (Lua Music, 2007)
Moacyr Luz, Jards Macale, Ernesto Pires and others contribute to this fine selection of modern samba interpretations...

Moacyr Luz "Batucando" (Biscoito Fino, 2009)


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