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Filo Machado portrait Guitarist Filo Machado is a jazz-oriented player who worked as a session player throughout the 1970s before recording his own material at the decade's end. Here's a quick look at his work...


Filo Machado "Filo" (Chantecler, 1978)
(Produced by Luiz Mocarzel)

Filo Machado "Origens" (Pointer, 1983)
(Produced by Filo Machado)

An utterly horrifying, frequently bombastic, disco-y smooth-jazz MPB set, with roots in the Brazilian jazz scene. To be more charitable, I should point out that fans of Milton Nascimento will probably love this album. I couldn't hang with it, though -- I hate those kinds of synthy instruments, and all the songs lapse into passages that I find way too florid and sugary. If you like smooth jazz and soft pop, though, you might want to take what I say with a grain of salt: for the style, this is quite good, and MPB star Djavan is a guest performer. All the songs were written or co-written by Machado.

Filo Machado "Canto Fatal" (Pointer, 1984)
(Produced by Filo Machado)

With Jane Duboc, Antonio Adolfo and Roberto Sion...

Filo Machado "Oxala Pere" (1993)

Filo Machado "Milagre De Cancao" (1996)

Filo Machado "Cantando Um Samba" (Malandro, 1999)
Slick, busy, somewhat manic modern jazz fusion, Brazilian style. Guitarist Filo Machado is a veteran player who has worked with Alaide Costa, Flora Purim, Joyce, Djavan and others... Nonetheless, I really don't like this style of music, so I may be the wrong person to ask about this album... I suppose some fans of modern jazz might like it; I just found it cluttered and kind of annoying.

Filo Machado "Porto Seguro" (MCD, 2001)
(Produced by Ze Luiz Soares)

Filo Machado & Guennoshin "F To G" (2003)
(Produced by Filo Machado & Guennoshin)

A stripped-down duos set with percussionist Guennoshin...

Filo Machado "Jazz De Senzala" (Maritaca, 1999)
(Produced by Lea Freire)

Filo Machado & Cibele Codonho "Tom Brasileiro" (Lua, 2005)
(Produced by Thomas Roth)

A Tom Jobim tribute album...

Filo Machado "Ubida" (2009)
(Produced by Nilson Matta)


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