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Dercio Marques portrait Dercio Marques and his wife Dorothy were Brazilian folk singers who recorded a number of albums, mostly for small, independent labels; some of their records had a spacier, more experimental edge than others. Here's a quick look at their work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Dercio Marques "Cantigas De Abracar: Almanaque Musical De Dercio Marques" (Independente, 1999)

Discography - Albums

Dercio Marques "Terra, Vento E Caminho" (Marcus Pereira, 1977)
Gentle, but impassioned Latin American folk, Dercio Marques accompanied primarily by acoustic guitar, with occasional light orchestrations, perhaps a flute or a woodwind here and there. But mostly it's just him and his guitar, which he plays in a rolling, pastoral, Spanish/classical style, reminiscent of Latin American folkies such as Sergio Rodriguez or Athualpa Yupanqui... a very light, listenable set. Worth checking out, though for a Brazilian record unusual for the lack of samba or bossa influences.

Dercio Marques "Canto Forte -- Coro Da Primavera" (Copacabana, 1979)

Dercio Marques "Fulejo" (Copacabana, 1983) (LP)

Dercio Marques & Dorothy Marques "Crianca Faz Arte" (Independente, 1985)

Dercio Marques "Segredos Vegetais" (Girassol, 1988)
A spacey, New Age-y acoustic celebration of nature and the natural world. Many of the tracks have the diaphanous, wispy, cosmic vocal style of Milton Nascimento and Lo Borges; others present a denser MPB feel more akin to Chico Buarque or Edu Lobo, and though the album seems generally celebratory, some tracks have a slightly more somber feel, particularly in the second half. Very hippie-dippy, and certainly worth a whirl if you're a folk-freak fan.

Dercio Marques "Anjos Da Terra" (Independente, 1991)

Dercio Marques & Dorothy Marques "Monjolear" (Independente, 1996)

Dercio Marques & Dorothy Marques "Espaco De Adolecer"

Dercio Marques "Espelho D'Agua: Sons E Sentimentos Da Natureza" (Independente, 1999)

Dercio Marques "Folias Do Brasil" (Independente, 2000)

Dercio Marques "Cantos Da Mata Atlantica" (Independente, 2000)


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