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Martha Mendonca portrait Even though she came to fame in the 1960s, singer Martha Mendonca was a husky-voiced torchbearer of the older, romantic vocal style of the pre-bossa nova era, belting out boleros and cha-cha-cha rumbas, rather than the samba-influenced material most popular in Brazil. In 1965, she married ballad singer Altemar Dutra, and their son, Altemar Dutra Jr., also became a professional musician. Here's a quick look at her work...


Martha Mendonca "Maravilhosa" (Chantecler, 1961)

Martha Mendonca "Junto De Ti" (Chantecler, 1963)

Martha Mendonca "Kimi Koish" (Chantecler, 1964)

Martha Mendonca "Martha Mendonca" (Odeon, 1968) (LP)

Martha Mendonca "Dentro Da Noite" (Odeon, 1971) (LP)

Martha Mendonca "Marta Mendonca" (3M, 1987) (LP)


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