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Sidney Miller portrait Composer Sidney Miller (1945-1980) was one of the brightest lights of the 1960s/'70s MPB scene, a favorite songwriter of divas such as Gal Costa and Nara Leao. Apart from his work as a composer and infrequent recording artists, he staged several theatrical productions, worked as a record producer (notably on Leao's album "Coisas Do Mundo") and composed several film soundtracks. Miller died unexpectedly in 1980 as a result of a cardiac condition, having just turned 35. Here is a quick look at his work...


Sidney Miller "Sidney Miller" (Elenco, 1967)
(Produced by Sidney Miller)

A beautiful, understated album by this nearly forgotten bossa nova composer, who died tragically young in 1980. Nara Leao and Gal Costa were among his faithful champions and greatest interpreters, but there's something particularly appealing about hearing Miller singing his own songs. This is a fine set of a dozen original tunes, delivered at a relaxed pace, with a peppy, toot-toodlin' orchestra behind him. It sounds very similar to early Chico Buarque albums, though perhaps a little less forceful, and a bit more natural. At any rate, it's mighty fine stuff, well worth checking out... Plus it's packed with tunes you may recognize from several classic MPB albums of the '70s.

Sidney Miller "Brasil, Do Guarani Ao Guarana" (Elenco, 1968)

Sidney Miller "Linguas De Fogo" (Som Livre, 1974)

Sidney Miller/Various Artists "Sidney Miller" (Funarte, 1983) (LP)
A posthumous tribute to songwriter Sidney Miller, featuring many excellent interpretations of his work from Alaide Costa, Zeze Gonzaga and Ze Luis Mazziotti, as well as two vintage recordings featuring Miller himself, "O Circo" and "A Estrada E O Violeiro," a duet with Nara Leao. This is a lovely, restrained set, the very epitome of MPB classiness. Recommended!


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