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Miltinho portrait Milton Santos de Almeida, aka Miltinho was one of Brazil's great romantic balladeers, a veteran of the "radio singer" era who performed with Anjos do Inferno, Namorados da Lua and other harmony-oriented vocal groups before setting out on a solo career in the 1960s. Here's a quick look at his work...


Djalma Ferreira & Seus Milionarios Do Ritmo "Drink" (Drink Discos, 1958)
A goofy lounge act, committed to record, with various instruments being used to imitate animal noises -- pigs, ducks, chickens, etc. -- in sort of a Spike Jones/Hoosier Hotshots/Slim & Slam kinda vibe, but inside the context of the pre-bossa Brazilian nightclub scene. It looks like this album came out on the same label as Celso Murillo's more highminded samba-jazz records, and was attached to the Drink nightclub. I wouldn't say this is a record you have to kill yourself to track down, but it is good goofy fun. What it's really notable for it the presence of several '60s heavyweights -- Ed Lincoln on organ (along with bandleader Ferreira, who also played something called a "solovox"); singer Miltinho chimes in as well -- I think he also sang on the Celso Murillo records.

Djalma Ferreira & Seus Milionarios Do Ritmo "Depois Do Drink" (Drink Discos, 1959)
More of the same: this record has more cover tunes and less of Ferreira's original material, mixing standards by Cole Porter, etc. with some Brazilian originals. The band's interesting, though, with Ed Lincoln and Djalma Ferreira joined by guitarist Waltel Branco and drummer Helcio Milito, who became one of the key players on the Brazilian jazz scene. Again, not a killer album, but a cool historical footnote.

Miltinho "Um Novo Astro" (Sideral, 1960)

Miltinho "O Diploma Do Astro" (Sideral, 1960)

Miltinho "Miltinho" (RCA Victor, 1961)

Miltinho "Poema Do Adeus" (RGE, 1962)

Miltinho "Miltinho E Samba" (RGE, 1963)

Miltinho "Os Grandes Sucessos De Miltinho" (RGE, 1963)

Miltinho "Poema Do Olhar" (RGE, 1963)

Miltinho "Eu... Miltinho" (RGE, 1964)

Miltinho "Cancao Do Nosso Amor" (RGE, 1964)

Miltinho "Bossa E Balanco" (RGE, 1964)

Miltinho "Poema Do Fim" (RGE, 1965)

Miltinho "Miltinho Ao Vivo" (RGE, 1965) (LP)

Miltinho "Samba + Samba = Miltinho" (Odeon, 1966)

Miltinho "Quanto Mais Samba Melhor" (Odeon, 1967)

Elza Soares & Miltinho "Elza, Miltinho E Samba" (Odeon, 1967)
(Produced by Milton Miranda & Lyrio Panicalli)

This was the first duet pairing between Miltinho and samba singer Elza Soares It's a solid effort, though a bit stagey and reserved, especially in comparison to her solo work. But it also demonstrates her range, and her connection to samba's historical past, with songs from Haroldo Barbosa, Herivelto Martins, Noel Rosa, Ismael Silva and several less well-know composers of the pre-bossa era... A nice window onto an antiquated style, and an intriguing snapshot of Miltinho midway through his latter-years solo career. (After recording three albums with Soares, he went on to do a series of duet records with Doris Monteiro...) I wasn't blown away by this one, but it's certainly worth checking out if you're into the whole "radio singers" thing...

Miltinho "As Mulheres De Miltinho" (Odeon, 1968)

Elza Soares "Elza, Miltinho E Samba, v.2" (Odeon, 1968)
(Produced by Milton Miranda & Lyrio Panicalli)

Miltinho "Miltinho, Samba & Cia." (Odeon, 1969)

Elza Soares "Elza, Miltinho E Samba, v.3" (Odeon, 1969)
(Produced by Milton Miranda & Lyrio Panicalli)

Miltinho "Miltinho E A Seresta" (Odeon, 1970)

Miltinho & Doris Monteiro "Doris, Miltinho E Charme" (Odeon, 1970)

Miltinho "Novo Recado" (Odeon, 1971) (LP)

Miltinho & Doris Monteiro "Doris, Miltinho E Charme, v.2" (Odeon, 1971)

Miltinho & Doris Monteiro "Doris, Miltinho E Charme, v.3" (Odeon, 1972)
(Produced by Lindolpho Gaya)

The third album in this duet series... A swell, swinging set, with both artists in fine form, feeling loose, funky and playful. The spotlight is mostly on Monteiro, with Miltinho adding friendly commentary on the side, and occasionally singing lead himself. The backing alternates between swank, jazzy MPB and groovy, clattersome samba, with great percussion throughout. Includes several medley tracks, which are generally fun, although I find them less satisfying than individual, self-contained songs. Worth checking out, if you can track it down.

Miltinho "Miltinho" (Odeon, 1973)

Miltinho & Doris Monteiro "Doris, Miltinho E Charme, v.4" (Odeon, 1973)

Miltinho "Miltinho" (Odeon, 1974)

Miltinho "Miltinho" (Odeon, 1976)

Miltinho "Miltinho" (Inverno & Verao, 1986)

Miltinho "Em Tempo De Bolero" (Movieplay, 1997)

Miltinho "Miltinho Convida" (Globo Columbia, 1998)

Miltinho "No Palco!" (InterCD, 2000)
Bleh. Tepid, cheesy romantic vocals by a '60s samba cancao old-timer with a half-asleep backup band. This guy may have had better moments in his youth, but this 1985 session is not worth picking up. If I find something better by Miltinho, I'll let you know.

Miltinho "Retratos" (EMI, 2004)


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