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Grupo Molejo portrait Formed in Rio in 1993, Grupo Molejo is one of many modern pop-pagode samba bands with a catchy but generic sound - nice for light listening but not as rootsy as the old stuff... Here's a quick look at their work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Molejo "Samba Rock: As Melhores De Molejo" (Warner, 2002)

Molejo "Serie Warner 25 Anos" (Warner/Continental, 2001)

Molejo "Serie Warner 30 Anos" (Warner/Continental, 2008)

Molejo "Nova Serie" (Warner/Continental, 2008)

Discography - Albums

Molejo "Grupo Molejo" (Warner/Continental, 1994)

Molejo "Volume 2" (Warner/Continental, 1995)
Thoroughly generic, unchallenging and quite enjoyable modern pagode pop... You can totally understand why they were popular on Brazilian pop radio... This is nothing magical, but it's nice to listen to in the background.

Molejo "Nao Quero Saber De Ti Ti Ti" (Warner/Continental, 1996)

Molejo "Brincadeira Da Crianca" (Warner/Continental, 1997)
Catchy, buoyant pagode samba, with characteristic strummed guitar and bright backup chorus. Plenty of infectious melodies; despite the modern pop production, this is still quite enjoyable.

Molejo "Familia" (Warner, 1998)
(Produced by Mauro Almeida & Bira Hawai)

More bouncy, brainless "pagode" pop of the late 1990s... Formulaic and mindlessly perky, but quite enjoyable. Pretty fun, actually.

Molejo "Polivalencia" (Warner/Continental, 2000)

Molejo "Prepara O Corpo" (Warner, 2002)

Molejo "Alo Comunidade: 15 Anos Ao Vivo" (2006)


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