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Zeze Motta portrait Brazilian actress Zeze Motta is best known for her role in the iconic 1970s film, Xica Da Silva, as well as in a telenovela of the same name. As her acting career peaked, she added music to her resume, and has recorded a number of albums over the years. Here's a quick look at her work...


Zeze Motta & Conrad Gerson "Conrad Gerson & Zeze Motta" (Som Livre, 1975)

Zeze Motta "Zeze Motta" (WEA-Atlantic, 1978)

Zeze Motta "Negritude" (WEA-Atlantic, 1979)
Fun stuff! A lively acoustic samba album with a strong crosscurrent of Cuban son, and a whiff of MPB-style jazz. The musicians are mostly folks I've never heard of, which -- when the record is as nice as this one -- is always a nice thing. Recommended!

Zeze Motta "Dengo" (WEA-Atlantic, 1980) (LP)

Zeze Motta "Fragil Forca" (Pointer, 1985) (LP)

Zeze Motta "A Chave Dos Sagredos" (Movieplay, 1995)

Zeze Motta "Geracao Samba" (1996)

Zeze Motta/Gal Costa/Caetano Veloso "Tieta Do Agreste" (Soundtrack) (Blue Jackel, 1996)
Smooth MPB ballads and incidental music from a film by director Carlos Diegues. Both Costa and Veloso are in fine form, although overall this album may be too mellow for some. The arrangements have an Italian feel to them, like something from Fellini's Amarcord. But there's nothing overtly drekky here, just a few old pros knocking out another solid album.

Zeze Motta "Divina Saudade" (Albatroz, 2000)

Zeze Motta "Negra Melodia" (Tratore, 2011)

Zeze Motta "Dois Momentos" (WEA, 2002)

Zeze Motta "e-Collection" (WEA, 2002)
A 2-CD set, one disc of hits, another of rarities and odds'n'ends...


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