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Nora Ney portrait Singer Nora Ney (1922-2003) was one of the major stars of the "radio singers" era of the 1950s, singing samba-cancao on the air, as well as recording several albums and 78s, in a career that spanned several decades. She was also known for her duets with husband Jorge Goulart, and for her interpretations of classic songs by composers such as Ary Barroso and Dorival Caymmi. Here's a quick look at her work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Nora Ney "Mestres Da MPB" (Warner, 1994)

Nora Ney "Acervo Especial" (BMG, 1994)

Nora Ney & Jorge Goulart "Nora Ney & Jorge Goulart" (InterCD, 2000)
Older recordings by two romantic balladeers of the pre-bossa nova "radio singer" era; although Ney and Goulart did record and perform together throughout several decades, these ten songs are all solo efforts, not duets -- four by Ney, six by Goulart. Some of it's really fun, in a super-corny, kitschy kinda way; some of the songs are way over the top and too goopy. This cheapo reissue package is worth checking out, just to get a sense of the style of the times, although you can't help but feel these artists could be better served by more extensive, better programmed selections.

Nora Ney & Jorge Goulart "Amor, Meu Grande Amor" (Revivendo, 2000)

Nora Ney "Nova Serie" (Warner, 1993)

Nora Ney "Grandes Vozes" (Som Livre, 2007)
I'm not sure if this best-of set draws on her older '78s, or the re-recordings Ney did in the early '70s for the Som Livre label... Or even a combination of both? If I find out, I'll be sure to let you know.

Discography - Albums

Nora Ney "Canta Nora Ney" (Continental, 1955)

Nora Ney "Nora Ney" (RCA Victor, 1958)

Nora Ney "Ninguem Me Ama" (RCA Victor, 1960)

Nora Ney/Clementina De Jesus/Cyro Monteiro "Mudando De Converso" (Imperial, 1968)

Nora Ney "Tire Seu Sorriso Do Caminho Que Eu Quero Passar Com A Minha Dor" (Som Livre, 1972) (LP) (CD)
(Produced by Joao Mello & Fustaquio Sena; arrangements by Guio De Moraes)

A star of the radio singer era, Nora Ney's artistic prime encompassed live, on-air performances and 78rpm singles... In this album she revisited the songs she made famous, with modern recordings that wowed many fans. Her well-aged voice is remarkably masculine, but her phrasing and bearing are confident and regal; the arrangements are alternately prosaic and majestic, with the better tracks providing a nice legacy for this venerable performer. Grand, torchy, nostalgic ballads, very old-school, perhaps even a bit dour... Probably not for everyone, but if you're delving into the pre-bossa stuff, this is worth checking out.

Nora Ney & Jorge Goulart "Jubileu De Prata" (Som Livre, 1977) (LP) (CD)

Nora Ney "Meu Cantar E Tempestade De Saudade" (3M, 1987) (LP)


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