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Dudu Nobre portrait A third or fourth-generation star of the pop-samba pagode style, Dudu Nobre was a child prodigy who came to fame as a member of Zeca Pagodinho's band. Since then he has established himself as one of the important younger voices of the modern samba scene. Here's a quick look at his work...


Dudu Nobre "Maxximum" (Sony-BMG, 2005)

Dudu Nobre "Essencial" (Som Livre, 2008)

Discography - Albums

Dudu Nobre "Dudu Nobre" (BMG-RCA, 1999)
(Produced by Jorge Davidson & Rildo Hora)

Songwriter Dudu Nobre is, I suppose, the fresh-faced future of pop-samba, although on this album he hasn't quite attained the same level of soulfulness as some of the elders in the style. A protege of sambista Zeca Pagodinho, Nobre recorded his first solo album after several years in Zeca's band. Okay, so maybe he's no Paulinho Da Viola, but at least his stuff isn't as tacky as some of the more lightweight popular bands that are out there... Nobre seems like the kind of guy who'll be around for a while... definitely an artist to keep your eye on.

Dudu Nobre "Moleque Dudu" (Sony-BMG, 2001)

Dudu Nobre "Chegue Mais" (Sony-BMG, 2003)

Dudu Nobre & Zeca Pagodinho "Dois No Samba" (Sony-BMG, 2004)

Dudu Nobre "Ao Vivo" (Sony-BMG, 2004)

Dudu Nobre "Festa Em Meu Coracao" (Sony-BMG, 2005)

Dudu Nobre "Os Mais Belos Sambas Enredo De Todos Os Tempos" (Universal, 2007)

Dudu Nobre "Roda De Samba Ao Vivo" (Universal, 2008)

Dudu Nobre "O Samba Aqui Ja Esquentou" (Universal, 2011)


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