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Paulinho Nogueira portrait Guitarist Paulinho Nogueira (1929-2003) is perhaps better known for his influence on a generation of performers than for his own highly-regarded recordings. Nogueira was the music teacher for several MPB luminaries, notably Toquinho, as well as Badi Assad, Yamandu Costa, and Jane Duboc. Here's a quick look at his work...


Paulinho Nogueira "A Voz Do Violao" (Columbia, 1959) (LP)

Paulinho Nogueira "Brasil, Violao E Sambalanco" (RGE, 1960)

Paulinho Nogueira "Sambas De Ontem E De Hoje" (RGE, 1961) (LP)
I came to Nogueira's early work backwards, having first heard a few lackluster later albums, so the early stuff is a nice surprise. This is a mainly-instrumental, bossa-based album -- bright, upbeat, cheerful and compelling -- which showcases Nogueira at his best. There are passages that slip into easy listening kitsch, but mostly this is a soulful record with crisp guitar work and a few vocal tunes than feature Nogueira singing solo, as well as with a perky, Os Cariocas-esque vocal group. Standout tracks include his moody version of Geraldo Vandre's "Quem Quiser Encontrar O Amor" and the sprightly choro tune, "Odeon," from the Ernesto Nazareth catalogue. A nice one!

Paulinho Nogueira "Outros Sambas De Ontem E De Hoje" (RGE, 1962)

Paulinho Nogueira "Mais Sambas De Ontem E De Hoje" (RGE, 1963) (LP)

Paulinho Nogueira "A Nova Bossa E O Violao" (RGE, 1964) (LP)

Paulinho Nogueira "O Fino Do Violao" (RGE, 1965)

Paulinho Nogueira "Sambas E Marchas Da Nova Geracao" (RGE, 1966) (LP)

Paulinho Nogueira "Paulinho Nogueira" (1967)
Another nice all-instrumental set from Nogueira... Some of the pieces are sprightly samba-infused Brazilian, others dip more into the mainstream classical guitar tradition. It's all very mellow and relaxed, and not at all flashy or cluttered. Sweet.

Paulinho Nogueira "Um Festival De Violao" (RGE, 1968) (LP)

Paulinho Nogueira "...Canta Suas Composicoes" (RGE, 1970) (LP)
(Produced & Arranged by Hector Lagna Fietta)

Nogueira's vocals and guitar work are typically understated, but added on top are some goofy, merry-go-roundish pop orchestrations... The sound is of its time, a "Winchester Cathedral"-y vibe, but it's actually not too distracting or intrusive. A sweet album with only a few embarrassing moments, but for the most part, you can "listen past" it. Worth a spin, though it's a little cheesier than you might prefer.

Paulinho Nogueira "Dez Bilhoes De Neuronios" (Continental, 1972)

Paulinho Nogueira "Violao E Samba" (Continental, 1973)

Paulinho Nogueira "Simplesmente" Continental, 1974) (LP)

Paulinho Nogueira "Moda De Craviola" (Continental, 1975) (LP)

Paulinho Nogueira "Antologia Do Violao" (Phonogram, 1976)

Paulinho Nogueira "Nas Asas Do Moinho" (Alequim, 1979) (LP)

Paulinho Nogueira "O Fino Do Violao, v.2" (WEA/Bandeirantes, 1980) (LP)

Paulinho Nogueira "Tom Jobim Retrospectiva" (WEA/Cristal, 1981) (LP)

Paulinho Nogueira "Agua Branca" (Eldorado, 1983)

Paulinho Nogueira "Tons E Semitons" (Atracao, 1986)

Paulinho Nogueira "Late Night Guitar: The Brazilian Sound Of Paulinho Nogueira" (1992)

Paulinho Nogueira "Coracao Violao" (Movieplay, 1995)

Paulinho Nogueira & Alema "Brasil Musical - Serie Musica Viva" (Tom Brasil, 1996)

Paulinho Nogueira & Toquinho "Sempre Amigos" (Movieplay, 1999) (LP)

Paulinho Nogueira "Reflexoes" (Malandro, 1999)

Paulinho Nogueira & Toquinho "Paulinho Nogueira & Toquinho" (Ovacao, 1999)

Paulinho Nogueira "Chico Buarque - Primeiras Composicoes" (Trama, 2002)
Sweet, though somewhat staid, acoustic guitar versions of eleven classic Chico Buarque tunes. I'm not sure how much this actually adds to the Buarque legacy, but if you like mellow, muzak-y guitar instrumentals, you'd probably enjoy this disc.

Paulinho Nogueira "Antologia Do Violao" (Universal)

Paulinho Nogueira "20 Super Sucessos" (Sony, 2005)


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